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Slap Battles Elude codes

Our Roblox Slap Battles Elude codes are here to help give you a hand in the thrilling game of glove and war. Watch your back, and the back of your hand.

Elude codes: promotional art from the Roblox game Slap Battle shows two hands connecting by the finger

If you need Roblox Slap Battles Elude codes then we’re here to help, breaking down all of the handy codes in the hit Roblox game for you to use. Slap Battles is an exciting Roblox experience all about giving your friends some back-handed banter and using the power of the glove to dole out justice. Use our codes and give yourself a hand today.

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Let’s slip like a glove into our Slap Battles Elude codes guide.

Elude codes

Players Code
1 1118
2 1143
3 1168
4 1193
5 1218
6 1243
7 1263
8 1293
9 1318
10 1343
11 1368
12 1393
13 1418
14 1443
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What are Slap Battles Elude codes?

Tencelll developed Slap Battles, the fierce and thrilling Roblox game all about (you guessed it) slapping your opponents. There’s a slew of handy gloves that you can equip offering different perks and one very important is the Elude glove. To unlock the Elude glove you must decipher a code, based on the number of people in your current server, times by 25, add 1100, and then minus seven.

For instance, if there are eight people playing in your current server the equation goes like this:

  • 8 x 25 = 200
  • 200 + 1,100 = 1,300
  • 1,300 – 7 = 1,293

But don’t worry too much about the maths, as we already break it all down for you in the table above.

How do I use Slap Battles Elude codes?

It’s a little bit tricky to get the Slap Battle Elude glove and use Elude codes, so use this guide to get through and follow these steps:

  • Open up Roblox
  • Open up Slap Battles
  • In regular gameplay find the keypad, this has a 20% chance of appearing every ten minutes
  • You can find the keypad spawning at Slapple Island’s main tree or at the back of the Moai Island Tree
  • Once you find the keypad, check the number of players in the server
  • Use our guide to put in the correct Elude code
  • You’re now transported to a maze
  • Explore and find the four hidden objects before 666 seconds pass
  • Once you find all four items, you warp toward the Elude glove
  • Approach the Elude glove to collect it and the exposed badge

Alright, folks, that’s it for our Slap Battles Elude codes guide, and hopefully, now you know it all like the back of your hand. For even more great Roblox content, check out our guides on Anime Blade Universe codes and Blue Locked League codes.