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Era of Althea traits - each trait and what they do

Our detailed Era of Althea traits guide helps you make the most of the popular magic-focused Roblox game and get to know your characters

Era of Althea traits: a character appears in a Roblox game, they are wearing dark blue armour reminiscent of anime armour, and they stand in the middle of a populated square

Want to make the most of the Era of Althea traits? The exciting and popular Roblox game has a few different magical classes and each has its own perks, we can help you make sense of it all and play the way that suits you with our guide. You’re gonna wand to read this…

This guide to Era of Althea traits is here to help you navigate through the different ways to play, what each trait brings to the table, and hopefully, help you pick the style that works for you. We also have an Era of Althea codes guide if you want to grab yourself some extra rewards to help you along your way.

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Here’s our guide to Era of Althea traits

All Era of Althea traits

Era of Althea traits: an illustration shows two magical characters holding books, the books are lighting up with some sort of magical power

Traitless – no perks

Honestly, I’m not sure why you would pick this one. Everyone has to start somewhere, but the sooner you move on to a better trait, the better. Traitless leaves you at a disadvantage, and we’d only recommend it if you’re trying to show off.

Blade Master – increases weapon damage and doubles weapon mastery

If you prefer to get physical with your combat, Blade Master could be the perfect fit for you. Gain an advantage in hand-to-hand combat and a little upgrade to your weapon mastery, meaning you’ll have the edge over opponents in any altercations.

Resilient – double stamina for blocking

Are you getting smacked around a little too often? Well, Resilient can help with that, and give you the buffer you need to get to grips with the game. Doubling your ability to block gives you plenty more time to think about your attacks and a decent chance at avoiding damage. This could be great for beginners.

Elven Blood – huge increase in mana capacity

Personally, I like to stand back and lob magic at my enemies from afar. Elven Blood is gonna give you the boost you need, doubling your mana, and giving you all the energy you need to deal some serious sorcery. I wish it gave you little elf ears as well though.

Game Addict – 50% increase in experience gain

Getting pretty comfortable with the game? If you think you need a boost in combat, Game Addict lets you show off and simply gain the sweet rewards of extra experience. Once you know your way around Era of Althea, this is a sweet way to top up your rewards when you need a boost.

Smith – 10% decrease in forging failure rate

Are you sick of wasting time trying to forge? Do you simply want to get the best gear possible and smash your opponent’s face into the dirt? Yeah, we thought so. The Smith trait gives you a tasty little boost to your forging rate, meaning you could be well on your way to a nice cupboard full of deadly weapons very soon.

Alchemist – items and potions are consumed much quicker

Possibly the best trait once you know what you’re doing, the Alchemist trait helps you to use items much faster, helping you to regain health and recover quicker than opponents. This can be the difference between life and death, and once you’ve got a couple of nice weapons lined up, this is an essential skill well worth mastering. Maybe don’t start with this one, but think about it once you know your way around.

What is the best Era of Althea trait?

While it’s very situational, and probably depends on the way you prefer to play. Once you have got to grips with the game, we recommend sticking with either the Blade Master or the Alchemist. But for an even more detailed breakdown, be sure to check our Era of Althea tier list.
That’s it Roblox fans, if you’re loving this magical game we hope our Era of Althea traits guide will give you the edge you need in battle. For another great Roblox guide, why not check out our Egg Packing Tycoon codes guide.