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Zombie Army Simulator codes - free potions and more

Zombie Army Simulator codes are here to get you loads of free goodies in this Roblox simulation and help you climb the undead ranks to the top of the horde.

A bunch of Roblox characters that look like knights fighting on a grassy patch of land with bits of stone in it in a screenshot from Zombie Army Simulator.

August 8, 2023: We checked for new Zombie Army Simulator codes

There’s no end to zombie content out there. The uncanny rotting humans seem to be something people love, and when people love something, it ends up in Roblox. That’s why we have Zombie Army Simulator, a game full of undead hordes and strange enemies. So, you need to build a team of undead zombies, climb up the ranks as you explore different worlds, and take down all manner of enemies, from knights to cyber soldiers. That’s where our Zombie Army Simulator codes come in, to get you free in-game items to boost your squad and help you on your way to victory.

Be sure to bookmark this page too, as we add new Zombie Army Simulator codes as soon as they show up. For more Roblox goodies, check out our Shindo Life codes, Project Slayers codes, Fruit Warriors codes, King Legacy codes, and Hunter x Athena codes to keep all those lovely freebies rolling in.

Zombie Army Simulator codes

Active codes:

  • 40kfavs – luck potion
  • 20klikes – two skull potions
  • 7mvis – two skull potions
  • 14klikes – two skull potions
  • 2mvis – two skull potions
  • 1M – luck potion
  • Creptiez – creptiez
  • Gravy – gravycatman
  • 500kvis – two brain potions
  • 6kfavs – two brain potions
  • 2000likes – luck potion
  • JEFF – JeffBlox zombie
  • 1kfavs – free rewards
  • 500likes – skull potions
  • RELEASE – free rewards

Expired codes:

There are currently no expired Zombie Army Simulator codes.

A Roblox character with a leafy crown stands in from of a portal within a stone arch, next to it is a tree with green leaves, in a screenshot from Zombie Army Simulator.

What are Zombie Army Simulator codes?

Zombie Army Simulator codes are little freebies given out by the developer DarkGaming. These can get you boosts in-game to make sure your zombie horde is the strongest out there. There’s more added all the time, so be sure to check back regularly.

How do I redeem Zombie Army Simulator codes?

Redeeming codes is easy, just follow these simple steps:

  • Boot up Zombie Army Simulator in Roblox
  • Press the Twitter icon in the left-hand menu
  • Type in one of our codes and click ‘use’
  • Enjoy your free stuff!

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