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Fae Farm fish guide

Yo, ho, it’s an angler life for me in Azoria, and here’s a guide to all the Fae Farm fish available in the game for you to catch and cook or sell.

Fae Farm fish: two characters stood fishing in the sea

It’s no secret that catching Fae Farm fish is a relaxing experience, along with being a crucial task for quests given to you while in Azoria. As you take up your rod and start fishing, you may notice that different fish spawn in certain weather conditions, seasons, and locations – that’s where our guide comes in, as we’ve got it all laid out easily for you. Oh, and as a side note, there are mussels, clams, scallops, and oysters that spawn on the beach in each season, which you can use to cook as well.

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Grab your rod and let’s get into our Fae Farm fish guide.

How do I catch Fae Farm fish?

Fishing in Fae Farm is, thankfully, super easy (I’m looking at you, Stardew). When you’re near a body of water and see a fish darting around, swap to your fishing rod using L or R, and cast it out into the sea by holding A.

Normal fish follow a simple movement pattern of movement whereas rarer, shining fish swim in larger areas. Study their movements carefully before casting. You need to jiggle your lure a couple of times right in front of a fish’s face to get its attention, at which point it’ll grab on and start pulling. Press A to reel it in, and A again to pause if the line goes red. If you don’t stop pulling when the line turns red, the line snaps and you lose your fish.

Fish in later areas of the game like the Fae Realm and the mountains require a higher-level rod to catch them and will take longer to reel in.

How to catch Fae Farm fish

All Fae Farm fish and where to find them

As you start your angling adventure, you may notice that some fish sparkle as they dart around – these are rarer catches that sell for more and provide more fish fillets for cooking.

The most abundant area for fishing is the river and the ponds dotted around the main area of the map – that’s where freshwater fish reside. The ocean and shore fish swim in the sea along the coast, whereas you can find the deep-sea fish around the broken bridge, in front of the Saltwater Mines. Any mountain fish come from the one hilltop lake in the snowy area of town.

There is an island directly below Eddy’s shop, where pufferfish and squid spawn, though to properly reach it you need to break a boulder with a late-game spell. We’ve dubbed this the ‘south-west island’ in the table below.

Saltwater Fae Farm fish

Fish Weather Season Location Rarity
Sardine Any Any Ocean and shore Rare
Rockfish Sunny Any Ocean and shore Rare
Sole Stormy Any Ocean and shore Rare
Salmon Any Spring Ocean and shore Common
Turbot Any Summer Ocean and shore Common
Sablefish Any Autumn Ocean and shore Common
Mackerel Any Winter Ocean and shore Common
Halibut Calm Any Deep-sea Rare
Sea bass Stormy Any Deep-sea Rare
Tuna Any Spring Deep-sea Common
Albacore Any Summer Deep-sea Common
Yellowfin Hot Any Deep-sea Rare
Lingcod Any Autumn Deep-sea Common
Anglerfish Any Winter Deep-sea Common
Eel Calm Any South-west island Rare
Humboldt squid Stormy Any South-west island Rare
Spotted puffer Any Spring South-west island Common
Spiny puffer Any Summer South-west island Common
Bobtail squid Any Autumn South-west island Common
Puffer Any Winter South-west island Common

Freshwater Fae Farm fish

Fish Weather Season Location Rarity
Rainbow trout Any Any Rivers and ponds Common
Herring Warm Any Rivers and ponds  Rare
Blue catfish Stormy Any Rivers and ponds Rare
River cod Any Spring Rivers and ponds Common
Black carp Any  Summer Rivers and ponds Common
Redside dace Any Autumn Rivers and ponds Common
Golden char Any Winter Rivers and ponds Common
Asp Any Any Mountain Rare
Pickerel Hot Any Mountain Rare
Black bass Stormy Any Mountain Rare
Northern pike Any Spring Mountain Common
Bullhead Any Summer Mountain Common
Muskellunge Any Autumn Mountain Common
Char Any Winter Mountain Common

There are other creatures listed in the almanac that allegedly float on the sea, but we haven’t found these just yet, so stay tuna-d – this list is not exhaustive and is a work in progress!

Fae Realm fish

Note that there is no weather or seasons in the Fae Realm, so catching these critters is super easy and you can do it all year round once you have access to the realm.

Fish Rarity
Smallmouth bass Rare
Tiny tealfish Rare
Wigglevine eel Common
Goldentail Common
Painted globefish Common
Glimmergill Common
Azure pixiefish Common
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Fae Farm fishing rod upgrades

In order to catch stronger fish in the later areas of the game like the mountains and the deep sea, you need to purchase some rod upgrades from Eddy the fisherman at his store, Rod and Reel.

He sells three rods that you can buy:

  • Sturdy rod for 1,000 Florins, unlocked at fishing level three
  • Advanced rod for 2,500 Florins, unlocked at fishing level five
  • Master rod for 5,000 Florins, unlocked at fishing level seven

In order to up your fishing level, all you’ve gotta do is fish, fish, and fish to earn XP.

How do I make Fae Farm steamed fish?

Sorry, you can’t keep the fish as pets, they are for cooking purposes only. One key meal you can make with them is steamed fish, which needs two fresh greens and a fish fillet. You can make it at the Cooking Hearth, once you’ve sliced up some foreagable plants to get fresh greens, and fish to get fish fillets at the Food Prep Table.

And that’s all you need to know about fishing in Fae Farm! If you want some more recommendations for the best farm games or fishing games, we’ve got you. You could also try these cheap games on Switch if your pockets are feeling light.