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The best hidden object games on Switch and mobile 2024

Everyone loves puzzle games, so here are our picks for the best hidden object games you can find on Android, iOS, and Switch right now.

hidden object games Finding Hannah: an old woman eating chocolates in a busy garden scene

I spy with my little eye… the best hidden object games to play on Nintendo Switch and mobile right now. If you’re a fan of puzzles and need some stimulation, these games can tickle your brain with some tantalizing scenarios. Pour a cuppa, grab a comfy chair, and get your mind working with these hidden object games.

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Here are the best hidden object games you can play on Nintendo Switch and mobile.

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Crime O’Clock – Switch 

Do you like crime? Regardless of your answer, Crime O’Clock lets you investigate crimes as they unfold with densely packed maps holding integral clues.

Each area is made of a zoomable map which you must comb through to find all the information hidden amongst streets and buildings and foil the crimes before they happen.

The best hidden object games finding hannah: a busy scene in a home with bookshelves and a table

Finding Hannah – mobile

Not only are there plenty of objects to find in this game, but Finding Hannah offers a heartfelt story as we go through the levels focused on different decades and stages of life.

She wants answers and information about her life and turns to her mother and grandmother, leading us to discover things about each of them through the themed levels.

hidden object games Under leaves: three green birds in a tree surrounded by vines

Under Leaves – Switch

Our first pick is Under Leaves – this adorable and colorful puzzle game is themed around animals and nature and you pick out hidden critters amongst the undergrowth in order to win.

In each level, an animal points out which object needs to be found and then off you go – searching away in the underbrush of whichever natural local you find yourself in.

hidden object games Wind Peaks: a view of a hut in a forest with a cauldron and lots of trees

Wind Peaks – Switch

Wind Peaks follows a group of scouts as they head to the namesake area. Join them in ten different levels, each lovingly hand drawn in a cartoon style, and pick out a laundry list of hidden objects amongst the trees of the forest.

This casual and laid-back experience is perfect for a quick coffee break, or a longer head-scratching time if you fancy it.

hidden object games hidden through time: a bustling scene of a botanical garden filled with trees

Hidden Through Time – Switch and mobile

As the name may suggest, this game has levels themed during different time periods like a medieval marketplace or Roman bathhouses, taking us through the four great ages. Hidden Through Time also comes with a map editor, allowing you to make your own creative puzzles to catch out fellow item hunters.

The anticipated sequel, Hidden Through Time 2: Myths and Magic, is also available on Nintendo Switch for more time wimey object finding fun.

hidden object games ABC Murders: Poirot and another man looking at each other

Agatha Christie: ABC Murders – Switch and mobile

The queen of mystery herself, Agatha Christie, can’t be left out of this list. In the ABC Murders, you become famed detective Hercule Poirot and must discover the identity of the ABC killer and take them down once and for all.

Pick through crime scenes to uncover evidence and find all the secrets to foil the criminal at large.

hidden object games Mystery Investigations: a dark library with wooden furniture

Mystery Investigations: Noir Chronicles and Path Of Sin – Switch

These two classic cryptic games are available as a double pack and provide us with over 70 different levels of hidden-object fun. Mystery Investigations takes us through dark city streets and decadent mansion rooms as we look for those pesky objects.

hidden object games hidden folks: a black and white scene of a street with people

Hidden Folks – Switch and mobile

Hidden Folks is another classic hidden object game. There’s a list of objects to find and hints available if you get stuck. This game has over 25 hand-drawn levels and an interesting soundtrack of human noises as sound effects, all on a black-and-white background.

You can change this to sepia or ‘night mode’, too. Hidden Folks could be considered a more challenging option as there are no colorful clues to give away the locations of items.

hidden object games tiny lands: two similar scenes with subtle differences

Tiny Lands – Switch

The scenes in Tiny Land are a little more advanced – this time, the stages are 3D environments that can be turned around so we can get a better view, and they even have weather sprinkled over the top!

Visit a beach, a dirt bike track, or even an ocean filled with giant tentacle monsters while picking out hidden differences between the two scenes.

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