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Fae Farm flowers guide

Blooming flowers are wonderful, especially Fae Farm flowers - which is why we’re here to help you fill your garden with every color combination in the game.

A happy gardener in a field of Fae Farm flowers

Fae Farm isn’t all about growing veggies and raising woolyhorns – no, there are beautiful blooms to breed, too. Our Fae Farm flowers guide helps to fill in those gaps in the ol’ almanac of different color and breed combinations, along with where to buy seeds to plant.

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Let’s look at how to get a garden brimming with Fae Farm flowers in every color.

What is Fae Farm flower breeding?

Flower breeding in Fae Farm allows you to fill out your almanac with every color and combination of flowers, starting with the six different color and breed combinations of flowers available for purchase.

The six breeds available are rose, lily, tulip, hyacinth, zinnia, and trillium plants. Each of these can grow in 12 different colors – which is where our breeding guide comes in! The 12 colors are as follows:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Ivory
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Magenta
  • Black
  • Teal
  • Violet

The Fae Farm flowers vendor at a market stall in summer

Where do I buy Fae Farm flower seeds?

There are two vendors who sell flower seeds – one in the main town, and one in the Fae Realm. In the center of town, Rosalind sells red rose, white lily, and yellow tulip seeds, and Asphodel in the Fae Realm sells blue hyacinth, green zinnia, and magenta trillium seeds.

Once you have seeds at your disposal, you need to plant them in the craftable flower beds on your farm, water them daily, and watch them grow.

How do I grow Fae Farm hybrid flowers?

Our hybrid flower list is here to help grant you a garden blooming with every colorway and breed of flower. The best pattern to plant your seeds in to get hybrids is a zigzag or a triangle, allowing plenty of space for new plants to sow themselves between the two parent flowers.

The newly produced seeds can be the breed of either of the ‘parent’ flowers if you use two different breeds – for instance if you place a red rose and a yellow tulip next to each other, you can get an orange rose or an orange tulip.

Each plant has two genes, which show up as seed icons when you stand near the plant. So a red rose from a red rose seed would have two red genes and would pass one red gene to any plant it breeds. If you plant a red and white flower next to each other and grow a pink flower in between, it will have one red and one white gene. If that plant then breeds, any new plants will have a pink gene, and so forth.

Here’s how to breed the non-purchasable colors of flowers:

Desired color Parent color one Parent color two
Orange Red Yellow
Pink Red White
Ivory White Yellow
Black Magenta Green
Teal Blue Green
Violet Magenta Blue

Obviously, if you place two of the same color flowers next to each other, you’ll get that same color appearing as new plants nearby.

If you want the basic colors in different breeds, you need to place the desired breed next to that color. An example would be a red tulip. You can only buy yellow tulips and red roses, so if you plant a red rose and yellow tulip next to each other, there is a chance that a red tulip will appear – along with orange roses and tulips.

A character stood in a garden showing off Fae Farm flowers hybrids

What do I use flowers for in Fae Farm?

Flowers aren’t just there to look pretty – you can harvest them and exchange them for items at different vendors. If you want to buy new wings or color palettes, or some seasonal items, you’ll need different colors of flowers that are often not the basic colors you can buy from vendors.

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