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Fall Guys season two rewards, dates, and more

Make the most of Mediatonic’s free multiplayer offering with our guide to Fall Guys season rewards, dates, and all the most important information

Screenshot of racing beans from Fall Guys season guide

Fall Guys has finally, well, fallen onto Nintendo Switch, bringing with it a wacky multiplayer world that makes Total Wipeout look like a walk in the park. Not only that, but for the full launch, Mediatonic is offering its popular party game for free, so you can jump right into the action without spending a dollar.

And if you want to save more dollars, you need to be on top of Fall Guys season rewards, dates, as well as the battle pass system, to get your hands on some funky customisables. With both a free and a paid-for premium battle pass available, there’s a whole host of crazy costumes and peculiar patterns to make your bean stand out. 

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Fall Guys season two battle pass rewards

In Fall Guys season two, you can opt for either the free battle pass or premium battle pass options. With either, you get access to some brilliant bonuses, but as to be expected, the ones associated with the premium option are a little more high-end. 

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Fall Guys season two free battle pass rewards 

Reward Level Reward Reward type
Five Sassy Saucer Costume
15 Starry Eyed Specs Costume
17 Glitzy Spacewalkers Costume
27 Tubular Belts Costume
44 Venusian Feet Eaters Costume
89  Hungry Tungling Costume
95 Crabby Cappy Costume

Fall Guys season two premium battle pass rewards 

Reward level Reward Reward type
One Hyandroid (top) Costume
One Hyandroid (bottom)  Costume
11 Xenomorph (bottom)  Costume
13 Xenomorph (top) Costume
22 Alien operator (bottom)  Costume
25 Alien operator (top)  Costume
29 K-2-Pila (bottom) Costume
31 K-2-Pila (top)  Costume
32 K-2-Pila (top alternative one)  Costume
35 K-2-Pila (top alternative two)  Costume
43 Hugh’s borg mask Costume
49 Spock (bottom) Costume
52 Spock (top)  Costume
57  Chrome strike blasters Costume
59 Dizzy dynamo (bottom)  Costume
62 Dizzy dynamo (top)  Costume
67 Rocket rucksack Costume
68 Planet pop soda belt Costume
71 Robot wrangler (bottom)  Costume
74 Robot wrangler (top)  Costume
83 Ultimate idol (bottom)  Costume
86 Ultimate idol (top)  Costume
98 Hatsune Miku (bottom)  Costume
98 Hatsune Miku (top)  Costume
132 Whirlybean (bottom)  Costume
133 Whirlybean (top) Costume
165 Hidey insidey (bottom)  Costume
166 Hidey insidey (top)  Costume
199 Nyandroid omega (bottom)  Costume
200 Nyandroid omega (top)  Costume
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Fall Guys season one free battle pass rewards

Below you can find a list of all the costume and pattern rewards included in the free Fall Guys season one battle pass, but that’s not all. For completing the challenges up to level 100, you can also pick up 300 show-bucks, over 2,000 kudos, seven nicknames, and five nameplates. That’s a solid amount of freebie goodness, so be sure to try and soak up as much as you can. 

Reward Level Reward Reward type
Two Punk band  Costume
Four Down the middle  Pattern
11 Arctic flip flop Costume
20 Shape up Pattern
22 Safety helmet Costume
31 Jungle frog pouch Costume
36 Bein cheesy – top half only Costume
37 Melon slices Pattern
44 Pegwin gang Pattern
51 Pixel shades Costume
53 Speed boost Pattern
65 Sprinkle top Pattern
67 Lily leaper slippers Costume
72 Sumo inflatable – top half only Costume
81 Avocado Pattern
85 Daisies Pattern
90 Criss-cross Pattern
93 Sprinkles donut bag Costume
94 Wide eyed Pattern

Fall Guys season one premium battle pass rewards

As well as all the costume and pattern rewards below, you can get your hands on over 1,200 show-bucks, three new celebrations, five emotes, and more as part of completing the premium battle pass. 

Reward Level Reward Reward type
1 Ezio top and bottom half Costume
12 Dragon dance bottom half Costume
13 Dragon dance body Costume
16 Dragon dance tail Costume
18 Dragon dance head Costume
25 Chiselled bust bottom half Costume
26 Chiselled bust top half Costume
34 Bein cheesy – bottom half only Costume
43 Spring daisies bottom half Costume
45 Spring daisies top half Costume
49 Winter penguin bow Costume
50 Tummy time Pattern
56 Peter pointer bottom half Costume
58 Peter pointer top half Costume
64 Peg-wig cake  Costume
69 Sumo inflatable – top half only Costume
74 Shake and swirl  Pattern
79 Swash sash Costume
83 Patty pack Costume
86 Burning sensei bottom half Costume
89 Burning sensei top half Costume
96 Mechagodzilla bottom half Costume
99 Mechagodzilla top half  Costume

Two beans battling in Fall Guys

Fall guys season dates 

While Fall Guys seasons have run since the game first released in 2020, an inaugural season one for the free version of the game is now in progress. Check out how long the current season runs for, as well as further season dates when we get them, below. 

  • Fall Guys: Season one – June 21, 2022 to August 29, 2022
  • Fall Guys: Season two – TBA

There you have, all you need to know about the Fall Guys season battle pass rewards for both free and premium options. For more fun with friends, why not see our picks for the best party games, or check out our list of the best Jackbox games.