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Fashionverse’s Mean Girls collab makes fetch happen

The Fashionverse Mean Girls collab takes you back to 2004 when The Plastics ruled the school. It’s time for to stand out from the crowd.

Fashionverse Mean Girls collab key art showing a teenage girl holding the notorious burn book in front of a pink background

“Stop trying to make fetch happen. It’s going to happen!” Ha, the joke’s on you, Regina George, as the Fashionverse Mean Girls partnership does make fetch happen. That’s right, the perfect mobile game for fashionistas just got that little bit better, welcoming various content from the iconic 2004 Mean Girls movie.

We can all agree that the original movie starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert, and Amanda Seyfried is superior to the lackluster Mean Girls 2 and this year’s Mean Girls reboot, which features a musical twist. As part of the collaboration, you design outfits through props and scenes inspired by the movie. Tilting Point is going all out in its fashion game, even including the infamous Burn Book – I don’t need to tell Mean Girls fans what this is.

Notable scenes that you can recreate include Regina George’s room (cool mom not included), the Spring Fling Dance, and North Shore High School itself. As exciting as recreating iconic scenes is, you have no hope if you can’t hang with the teenage royalty that is The Plastics. Luckily, the Fashionverse Mean Girls collab is full of clothing to help you stand out from the crowd, including high heels, skirts, shirts, purses, glasses, and all the pink you can handle (remember, you must wear pink on Wednesdays). Seriously, not even the best Barbie games have this much pink.

To really make fetch happen, you need to complete 12 brand-new challenges. Doing so rewards you with fashion items inspired by the 2000s, including cropped cardigans, plaid skirts, and more. Recreating the iconic scenes will be much better with these items. Fashionverse even has characters inspired by Cady, Janis, Ms. Norbury, and, of course, The Plastics themselves.

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If the idea of recreating scenes, making new designs, and having a blast with teenage drama sounds great to you, I have even better news to share. Well, I say even better, out of the bunch, Mean Girls is my favorite, but fans of Clueless, Grease, and Beverly Hills 90210 can rejoice, too, for collaborations with those IPs are coming to Fashionverse later this year.

The Mean Girls event runs from today, April 12, until April 25, giving you nearly two weeks to enjoy your time with The Plastics. There’s plenty to see and do, so make sure you dive in as soon as you can. Or, if fashion isn’t your thing, check out our list of the best mobile RPGs, where you can swap your dresses for armor.