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The best fashion games on Switch

Work that runway and become the supermodel (or superdesigner) of the world, as you put your style skills to the test with the best fashion games on Switch

The best fashion games on Switch, including characters from Princess Closet, the Selfy Collection, and My Universe: Fashion Boutique

Fashion games are a great opportunity to experiment with self-expression, no matter your style. Whether you want to get a taste of what it’s like to run a fashion boutique, create your own clothing brand, or become a top model, they offer fun and relaxing ways to learn about cute coordinations and how to accessorise, and give you the chance to explore your own personal preferences without spending big bucks on all the latest real-world brands.

So, it’s time to embrace your inner fashionista, as we take a look at our picks for the best fashion games on Switch. Some of these titles are also available on mobile, and we’ve included links to Google Play and the App Store where applicable. Whether you’re looking to take the reigns as a top designer, or to lose yourself in a fashion-focused romance tale, we’ve got a wide range of different fashion games that allow you to purse-shoe your dreams.

If you’re looking for more fashionable fun, check out our guide to the best Barbie games. We also have a list of the best decorating games, for even more opportunities to let your creativity blossom, or the best Disney games for a magical experience on the go.

Without further ado, let’s hit the runway with the best fashion games on Switch.

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My Universe – Fashion Boutique


This one’s probably the most traditional, fashion-y fashion game you can find on Switch, and it certainly fills the niche perfectly. Manage your own boutique, create your own fashion brand from scratch, and share your gorgeous designs with the world, as you embark on a mission to fulfil your dream of becoming the biggest fashion designer around.

With heaps of customisation to explore, fun minigames to play, and awesome events held at all the fashion capitals of the world, My Universe – Fashion Boutique gives you the perfect fashion game experience on Switch.

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Selfy Collection – The Dream Fashion Stylist


The adorable and much-loved avatar ‘Selfy’ has come to Switch with this dreamy fashion coordinating title, Selfy Collection – The Dream Fashion Stylist. Become a new stylist, just starting out in the fashion industry, as you travel around the world, styling stunning outfits. Fulfil coordination requests from a variety of characters, using hair, clothing, accessories, and more from a catalogue of over 5,000 items.

When you’ve chosen your dream outfit, combine your designs with beautiful backgrounds, take a snapshot, and create your very own portfolio that you can share with friends, all while learning about gorgeous, popular Japanese fashion. It’s cute, the art is lovely, and there’s plenty of room to experiment by layering accessories, bows, and more.

The game was originally in Japanese, so there are a few errors in the translation, but overall, it’s an endearing, relaxing experience, and well worth a shot if you can overlook a few typos.

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Princess Closet

Switch / Google Play / App Store

If you’re looking for a little love interwoven with your fashion game, Princess Closet is the perfect pick for you. While more of an otome game or dating sim than a traditional stylist-dress up game, Princess Closet still offers you a great, fashion-focused story, alongside a cast of enchanting love interests and titillating tales to draw you in.

You take the role of a young woman with a passion for fashion who’s become jaded by her daily routine and unsatisfying office job. That’s when up-and-coming fashion designer Leo swoops into her life, whisking her away into an exciting new world where she embarks on a mission to become the next top model. Dubbing itself as a title for those who ‘want to experience heart-throbbing romance, while enjoying fashion’, Princess Closet is a charming visual novel with full voice acting, beautiful art, and some of the routes are lovely.

You can play it for free on mobile, though it’s ticketed and contains microtransactions to unlock certain side stories, whereas the Switch version has the full game unlocked. And if you enjoy this one and are looking for more romantic recommendations, be sure to check out our list of the best otome games.

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Pocket Clothier

Switch / Google PlayApp Store

This cute little pixel title has you running your own clothing store, then cultivating it into a world-renowned super brand. Embrace your inner fashionista, and put Vivienne Westwood to shame, as you set up interesting stands, promotions, and layouts to lure in shoppers, then offer them fashion advice and help them coordinate ensembles for big events. Helping your patrons up their style even unlocks new career paths for them, which brings even more bucks to your store.

Pocket Clothier is a quaint little business sim with a focus on fashion, boasting an adorable retro art style and addictive gameplay to boot.

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L.O.L Surprise! Movie Night


Based on the super popular toy brand, L.O.L Surprise! Movie Night is a 3D adventure where your goal is to become a top movie star, glamming it up in the latest fashion as you hit the red (or pink) carpet.

Explore a fun-filled world populated with movie sets, minigames, and events to explore, as you doll up your own character and studio, and purchase cute accessories and outfits with the Glitter Tokens you earn through your exciting new career. Every star needs an awesome wardrobe and adorable outfits to strut their stuff in, and L.O.L Surprise! Movie Night doesn’t disappoint.

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L.O.L Surprise! Remix: We Rule the World


The first game in the L.O.L Surprise! universe, We Rule the World sees you start from scratch, with a new home and an empty closet that are entirely yours to customise. Like Movie Night, We Rule the World features a fun 3D world for you to explore, heaps of accessories and outfits for you to try on, and tons of fun mini games, quests, and more to enjoy.

In We Rule the World, instead of a movie star, you’re an aspiring musical artist, performing on stage and at festivals, so you need to look your best for your audience. You can even take pics of yourself and your friends in the latest fashions to show off your inner fashionista.

That’s it for our list of the best fashion games on Switch. If you’re still looking for more titles to explore, head over to our lists of the best Switch games and the best mobile games for a wider range of genres.