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FIFA 23 online modes and errors

FIFA 23 online is the best way to get hundreds of hours from the biggest football simulation in the world, so check out our guide to see what you can get up to.

FIFA 23 online: a footballer in a white Real Madrid kit dribbling past another in a red kitwith other footballers wearing either colour kit and fan stands and floodlights in the very back.

FIFA 23’s online modes are probably the main reason why people play the game so often and for so long. Whether it’s Ultimate Team, the megahit billion-dollar-maker card-collecting pseudo-gambling hellscape that so many children love, or Pro Clubs, the nice-and-easy ever-so-lovely take-it-easy chillout town to hang out with your buddies in (and not spend a penny on), playing FIFA 23 online is where it’s at.

Anyway, that’s enough hyphens for one day. Check out FIFA 23’s online game modes below (and some common online errors and tentative fixes). Or, if you already know everything, check out FIFA 23 ratings, FIFA 23 OTW, and FIFA 23 Volta guides to see if we can teach you something new.

FIFA 23 online game modes

Here you can find a list of all the game modes. If you’re wondering if you can play these with friends on other platforms, check out our FIFA 23 crossplay guide (hint: you can do crossplay in all but Volta and Pro Clubs).

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  • Online friendlies
  • Pro Clubs
  • Seasons
  • Tournaments
  • Ultimate Team
  • Volta football

Most of these you can also play offline, so don’t worry if your internet goes down, you can keep on kicking on.

FIFA 23 online errors

Sometimes, you may get some FIFA 23 online errors, maybe suggesting the servers are down. Either check Down Detector to see if other users are reporting the same, or try these solutions to get everything back up and running.

  • Close and reopen FIFA 23
  • Restart your console
  • Reboot your router
  • Check your local service provider for any net issues

If other people are also reporting connection issues, the likely remedy is to wait around. It’s almost definite the issue is on EA’s side.

That’s all we’ve got on FIFA 23 online for now. Check out our FIFA 23 career mode and FIFA 23 Switch guides for even more footy fun, or head to our best portable gaming console guide to find somewhere else to play.