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Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list

You're going to need a Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list to make sure you're prepared for a new adventure with Cloud and co in the 7 compilation.

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list - Cloud looking toward you with a red and gold background

If, much like the protagonist himself, you can’t tell your Clouds from your Zacks, then you’re going to need a Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list. In this guide, we hope to aid you in picking out the best characters from First Soldier all the way through to Advent Children so you can take Sephiroth down with ease.

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Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list

We’re sure this list will change with any future updates. And remember, if you like a certain character, just use them!

Tier Final Fantasy Ever Crisis character
S Aerith, Cloud, Young Sephiroth
A Barret, Matt, Tifa, Zack
B Glenn, Red XIII
C Lucia
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Final Fantasy Ever Crisis weapon tier list

Here’s how we rank each of the Final Fantasy Ever Crisis weapons, this list is a work in progress and may change over time.

Tier Final Fantasy Ever Crisis weapon
S Amarant’s Claws (Tifa), Aonibi (Sephiroth), Apocalypse (Cloud), Apology In Hell (Glenn), Bald Eagle (Lucia), Black Whiskers (Zack), Broadsword: Axis (Matt), Dark Heavens (Sephiroth), Edged Wings (Sephiroth), Enemy Launcher (Barret), Fairy Tale (Aerith), Falchion (Zack), Hardedge (Cloud), Heavy Hauser (Barret), Maritime Sword (Cloud), Mad Minute (Lucia), Murasame (Cloud), Platinum Collar (Red XIII), Prime Number (Matt), Pumpkin Lamppost (Glenn), Rest in Peace (Glenn), Serpent Eater (Lucia), Shinra Blade: Model I (Sephiroth), Slick Beetle (Matt), Sonic Striker (Tifa), Sun Umbrella (Aerith), Tiger Fangs (Tifa), Wizard Staff (Aerith), W Machine (Barret), Zidane’s Sword (Cloud) Zweihander (Zack)
A Arc Sword (Zack), Assault Gun (Barret), Black Rifle (Lucia), CC Alloy Sword (Sephiroth), Crewkicker (Glenn), Crystal Sword (Cloud), Crystal Sword (Z) (Zack), Crystal Gloves (Tifa), Cutlass (Zack), Flame Projector (Barret), Full Metal Staff (Aerith), Garnet’s Rod (Aerith), Ifrit’s Sword (Zack), Inferno Grave (Glenn), Jiggy Fam (Glenn), Junk Collar (Red XIII), Kaiser Knuckles (Tifa), Lifeguard Wraps (Tifa), Motor Drive (Tifa), Mythril Rod (Aerith), Mythril Saber (Cloud), Nameless (Sephiroth), Organics (Cloud), Piece of Cake (Glenn), Powersoul (Tifa), Prototype Crimson Blade (Sephiroth), Pulse Gun (Lucia), Ramuh’s Staff (Aerith), Rifle of Levin (Lucia), Seaside Collar (Red XIII), Shiva Cannon (Barret), Shiva’s Sword (Cloud), Shockbuster (Glenn), Silver Staff (Aerith), Solid Bazooka (Barret), Steiner’s Blade(Glenn), Stingray (Matt), Vivi’s Magical Gun (Lucia), Wizer Staff (Aerith)
B Absolute Royal (Matt), Beach Parasol (Zack), Buster Sword (Cloud), Butterfly Edge (Cloud), Core Defender (Matt), Defender (Zack), Enhance Sword (Cloud), Flame Projector (Barret), Glaireid (Sephiroth), Guard Stick (Aeirth), Gold Collar (Red XIII), Grand Gloves (Tifa), Heavy Vulcan (Barret), Iron Blade (Cloud), Max Ray (Barret), Mythril Type-0 Katana (Sephiroth), Noble Collar (Red XIII), Northern Lights (Sephiroth), Orthodox Raven (Matt), Personal Style (Glenn), Rage Collar (Red XIII), Rubber Collar (Red XIII), Sleek Collar (Red XIII), Thousand Waves (Glenn), Tranquilizer Gun (Lucia), V39 (Lucia)
C Barn Swallow (Lucia),  Espee Rapiere Next-G (Matt), Gatling Gun (Barret), Hardcore Squad (Glenn), Leather Collar (Red XIII) Leather Gloves (Tifa), SSR1976 (Lucia), Striking Staff (Aerith), Type-99 Longsword (Zack)

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis gear

We’ve chosen not to rank the gear, but below you can find a full list of each item and the boosts they provide:

  • Battlefield Garb – Cloud
    • HP boost +8
    • PDEF +8
  • Murasame Battlegarb – Cloud
    • PATK boost +5
    • Levinblade Arcanum +10
  • Maritime Sailor – Cloud
    • HP boost +10
    • Water mastery +10
  • Zidane – Cloud
    • HP boost +10
    • Physical ability boost +10
  • Fiery Cape – Barret
    • HP boost +8
    • PDEF +8
  • Scrap Armor – Barret
    • ATK boost +10
    • PATK boost +10
  • Metalfoot – Tifa
    • ATK boost +8
    • PDEF boost +8
  • Lifeguard – Tifa
    • HP boost +10
    • Heal boost +10
  • Amarant – Tifa
    • HP boost +10
    • Physical ability boost +10
  • Rosy Battle Suit – Aerith
    • Heal boost +8
    • MDEF +8
  • Sunny Robe – Aerith
    • HP boost +10
    • MATK boost +10
  • Garnet – Aerith
    • HP boost +10
    • Heal boost +10
  •  Rubber Harness – Red XIII
    • Heal boost +8
    • PDEF +8
  • Seaside Aloha – Red XIII
    • HP boost +10
    • PATK boost +10
  • Valiant Suit – Zack
    • ATK boost +8
    • PDEF boost +8
  • Tropical Beach – Zack
    • HP boost +8
    • MDEF boost +8
  • Cake Breaker – Glenn
    • ATK boost +8
    • MDEF boost +8
  • Doom Dodger – Glenn
    • HP boost +8
    • PDEF boost +8
  • Elite Uniform – Matt
    • Heal boost +8
    • PDEF +8
  • Professor – Matt
    • ATK boost +8
    • MDEF boost +8
  • Black Stealth – Lucia
    • PATK boost +8
    • MDEF boost +8
  • Marksqueen – Lucia
    • ATK boost +8
    • PDEF boost +8
  • Vivi’s Garb – Lucia
    • HP boost +8
    • MDEF boost +8
  • Edged Wings Training Garb – Sephiroth
    • MATK boost +5
    • Frostblade Arcanum +10
  • Aeroglider – Sephiroth
    • ATK boost +8
    • PDEF boost +8

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis characters

Here’s a brief overview of each of the characters so you know which roles they fill in-game.

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list - Cloud with his arms crossed against a black and grey background

Cloud Strife – DPS

Unsurprisingly, Cloud Strife is in the S-tier of our list. He’s the most powerful DPS in the game at the moment and we recommend pairing him with the Apocalypse and Murasame weapons to reach his full potential.

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list - Barret looking to the left against a black and grey background

Barret Wallace – sub-DPS

Barret falls into the A-tier on our list as he can’t quite match up to the brute strength of Cloud. He can do some solid long-range AoE damage when paired with his Enemy Launcher, Heavy Hauser, or W Machine weapons.

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list - Tifa with her hand on her waist against a black and grey background

Tifa Lockhart – sub-DPS

Tifa is very capable of dishing out decent magic and physical damage, she’s A-tier in our books. You could slot her or Barret into your sub-DPS role. Equip her with the Sonic Striker and Tiger Fangs gloves to make the most out of damage output.

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list - Aerith looking off to the left against a black and grey background

Aerith Gainsborough – support

If you know anything about Final Fantasy 7 you’re probably not surprised that Aerith is the best healer in the game and lands in the S-tier of our list. Make sure you equip her with the Fairy Tale and Wizard Staff.

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list - Red XIII looking off to the left against a black and grey background

Red XIII – support

Red XIII is in B-tier on our list, he’s okay in a support role and can heal allies and dish out AoE magic damage. We recommend equipping him with the Platinum Collar and Gold Collar.

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list - Zack looking off to the left against a black and grey background

Zack Fair – DPS

Zack is a great choice for your main DPS character. He performs well against single bosses and you can use him instead of Cloud if you like. Equip him with the Falchion and Zweihander swords.

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list - Glenn punching his own fist against a black and grey background

Glenn Lodbrock – DPS or sub-DPS

Another B-tier character, Glenn is an okay choice to use for DPS or sub-DPS. However, you’re better off going with Cloud. His best weapons are Apology In Hell and Rest in Peace.

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list - Matt with his hands together against a black and grey background

Matt Winsord – support or sub-DPS

Matt could almost slot into our S-tier but he doesn’t quite make it. He’s proficient in both a support role with his debuffs and healing, but can also pack a punch against enemies. Equip him with the Broadsword: Axis, Prime Number, or Slick Beetle weapons.

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list -Lucia with her arms crossed against a black and grey background

Lucia Lin – support or sub-DPS

The only character in our C-tier is Lucia Lin. She has the ability to silence enemies, which may be useful later in the game, but didn’t help us too much early on. She works best with the Mad Minute and Serpent Eater weapons.

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list - a young Sephiroth standing against a dark blue background

Young Sephiroth

We’ve put this handsome young fella in the S tier of our list as he can perform some pretty hefty ice damage against foes. We recommend you equip him with the Edged Wings as his main weapon along with either Aonibi to boost his MATK or Shinra Blade: Model I for a good non-elemental damage attack.

How do I perform a Final Fantasy Ever Crisis reroll?

Here’s how you perform an FFEC reroll:

  1. Complete the first chapter of Final Fantasy Ever Crisis
  2. Redeem all your currency on the banner of your choice
  3. If you’re happy, continue playing. If not continue with the next steps
  4. Click the three lines in the top-right corner of the home screen
  5. Scroll down to the bottom
  6. Find the delete account button and press it
  7. Repeat these steps till you get your desired result

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