Make a splash with the FFVIIFS Surf of the Water God event

The Final Fantasy: first Soldier Surf of the Water God event is here, so that means it's time to suit up, dive in, and cool off as you fight your foes

Some soldiers jumping out of water in the Final Fantasy First Soldier Surf of the Water God event

Apparently it’s not just the residents of the UK that feel like they’re in a furnace, as the latest Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier event, Surf of the Water God, cool things down by flooding the hazard zone and turning it into a sea – because sometimes you just have to cool off in the heat of battle.

Of course, nobody wants to go for a dip in their battle gear which is why the Final Fantasy: First Soldier Surf of the Water God allows you to change into some appropriate swimwear. Luckily, these special outfits provide you with an advantage in battle as damage from the hazard is reduced by 50%. Furthermore, the colour of your swimsuit determines extra special effects, though you don’t get to choose the colour when you equip it.

As with any First Soldier event, you can expect to get your hands on numerous rewards though you do need to find water god medals in order to exchange them. You can get the event’s currency through matches on the training, jumping into fountains, or completing challenges.

When is the Final Fantasy: First Soldier Surf of the Water God event?

The event begins today, July 19, and runs until August 9.

If you’re new to the game or want to give it a try, our Final Fantasy: First Soldier classes and Final Fantasy: First Soldier materia guides can teach you the basics. Alternatively, if it’s a grand adventure you seek, our best Final Fantasy games list has plenty of them.