First Soldier’s new mode offers some variation

The Final Fantasy: First Soldier variant mode puts you in a three versus nine match, though the smaller team just might have a surprising advantage

Final Fantasy: Firsy Soldier variant mode - Sephiroth looking high and mighty

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier puts you in battle royale matches against other players. It’s an environment in which only the strong can survive. However, you might be able to increase your chances of victory with a friend or two in the team-based modes, and it just so happens that a new game mode is available in-game now.

In the Final Fantasy: First Soldier variant mode, you take part in an asymmetrical match in which a team of three variant members face off against a candidate team that has nine soldiers. This sounds slightly uneven, right? Well, when you discover that the group of three can transform themselves into monsters and famous FFVII characters, you realise that they do have a good chance at victory.

In order to win, you must reduce the enemy’s power gauge to zero. Primarily, it’s a case of the variant team defending against the candidate squad. Overall, the match can last for up to 15 minutes, so you’d best prepare for one heck of a fight.

When is the FFVIIFS variant mode available?

Final Fantasy First Soldier variant mode is available in-game now, so jump in and kick some butt.

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