Fight back in the FFVII: The First Soldier Bahamut Sin event

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Bahamut Sin, Tifa, and Zach

The best thing about mobile games is the amount of content developers continuously add, and the Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Bahamut Sin event is no different. The fearsome foe is taking over some matches in the battle royale game, and trust us when we say this challenge tests your resolve.

Of course, you don’t have to solo your enemy during the Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Bahamut Sin event. Instead, you work together with your foes to take down an even greater threat. When Bahamut Sin is on the battlefield, the boss field that surrounds him ensures you and other players can’t harm each other.

However, there’s one small catch, in order to get the credit for the defeat of Bahamut Sin, you must be alive at the time of his demise, and be responsible for at least 3% of the overall damage that Bahamut takes. Honestly, it does suck if you’re responsible for a ton of offence but can’t get any credit due to being dead yourself. So, try not to perish while he still runs rampant.

After going up against such a foe, you’re bound to understand the fear Bahamut strikes in his opponents, and that’s why you might want to run around in a skin based on Bahamut Sin’s appearance in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. You can also get a gun skin and a banner.

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When does the FFVII: The First Solder Bahamut Sin event begin?

The event is already here, and it runs until May 9, as do the Bahamut Sin (EX) challenges. However, event-limited store-bought items are only on offer until May 6, and standard Bahamut Sin challenges end on May 5.

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