The best fish games 2023

If you’re looking to live life under the sea with some fish games, you can strap on those gills with our guide to the best on Switch and mobile

Screenshot of a happy fish from Fishdom for fish games guide

If you’re looking for fish games full of exciting aquatic adventures, you’re in the right place. No, these titles aren’t fishing games, instead, we’ve looked for titles where you either play as a fish or keep them happy in sweet little aquariums. So put your angling equipment away and get ready to make like Will Smith in Shark Tale in embracing life with fins.

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So, let’s dive deep into our picks for the best fish games on Switch and mobile.

Screenshot of Pronty battling against a monster fish for guide to the best fish games

Pronty – Switch

The only Metroidvania on our list of the best fish games, Pronty is full of hideous underwater beasties for you to battle, including some terrifying bosses that look like underwater creatures à la John Carpenter.

While the main character isn’t exactly a fish, Pronty is more of a mermaid automaton, your weapon is a powerful robot-swordfish called Bront, capable of tearing the underwater denizens to pieces with pointed attacks. If this one sounds like the deep dive for you, check out our Pronty Switch review.

Screenshot of the fish from Fishdom and a golden coin for guide to the best fish games

Fishdom – mobile

Combining an aquarium simulator with match-three gameplay, Fishdom continues to be a big hit since it first arrived in 2015, providing daily quests, special events, and plenty of varieties of underwater life for millions of players.

It’s a free-to-play title, so you don’t have to worry about shelling out for this one, though there are some in-game microtransactions if you want a tank teeming with fish from the outset.

Screenshot of the kraken attacking the submarine in Deep Ones for guide to the best fish games

Deep Ones – Switch

Inspired by the ZX Spectrum, H.P Lovecraft’s writing, and the underwater world of Bioshock, Deep Ones is an exploration through neon depths full of lurking creatures that can’t wait to take a bite out of you.

After your submarine is taken out by a giant red squid, you’re left alone at the bottom of the ocean to find a way home. Fortunately, not every deep sea dweller is looking for a diver dinner and you can go all Ariel and work together with some of the small sea creatures to escape from your predicament.

Screenshot of Freddi Fish and his friends for guide to the best fish games

Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell – Switch

If you’re looking for something for the little fish in your life, Freddi Fish 3 is a classic point-and-click experience with a wonderful underwater story. It’s essentially a crime-solving game for children, set among the fish and flora of a submerged world.

Even if you’re outside the demographic for this one, as it’s clearly a kid’s game, there’s some real nostalgia here for any nineties kids who grew up playing PC games.

A shark from Hungry Shark World leaping out of the water for guide to the best fish games

Hungry Shark World – mobile

The big fish eat the little fish and the sharks eat them. That’s the story of Hungry Shark World, an arcade-style fishing title in which the only goal is to be the biggest beast in the ocean. The visuals are a real highlight here, with the impressive variety of sharks all matching up with the colorful aquatic world.

This one is a treat for anyone who looks forward to Shark Week, with nearly every known breed of the sharp-toothed king of the deep available as a playable character.

Screenshot of turtles in a aquarium in Megaquarium for guide to the best fish games

Megaquarium – Switch

Do you want to keep fish? Do you want to keep all the fish? If yes, then Megaquarium is the next game for you. Imagine RollerCoaster Tycoon, but swap out all the rides and amusements for some massive tanks and you’re basically there.

Of course, there’s plenty of detail here, from the breeds you keep to the temperature of the water, but for anyone with the simulation game bug but might be bored of building cities and Disneyland imitations, it’s a great way to lose a few hours.

Screenshot of a dead monster fish in Subnautica for guide to the best fish games

Subnautica – Switch

What’s better than regular fish games? Alien fish games, that’s what. Subnautica takes place on a foreign planet, with you taking the role of a sole survivor of a space crash.

As it’s an oceanic planet you end up on, you spend much of your time avoiding the alien sea creatures, including some monstrosities like crabfish, stalkers, and the nightmare ghost leviathan. If you’ve ever wanted to simulate an underwater anxiety attack, surviving Subnautica is sure to answer that question.

Aquarium screenshot of different fish breeds for guide to the best fish games

Fish Farm 3 – mobile

What could be better than having your own portable aquarium? Fish Farm 3, that’s what. Here you don’t have to worry about running out of fish food or always keeping an eye on your temperatures.

Instead, you can just collect a plethora of fish, from tiny turtles to monstrous sharks. There’s no stress here, just watch your digital fish float around the screen and feel at one with the world. Or the ocean, at least.

There you have it, our picks for the best fish games on Switch and mobile. For some scary experiences on dry land, check out our Poppy Playtime characters and FNAF characters guides.