The best Fortnite skins – superheroes and star wars

Fight in style with our list of the best Fortnite skins

Several character skins from Fortnite are visible

Battle royale games love their skins, but Fortnite in particular has a fairly astonishing number of cosmetic options. You want to run across the battlefield in a onesie? Fortnite lets you. Want to dress as a superhero? Or a character from Star Wars? The option is there. The sheer variety of Fortnite skins is honestly pretty overwhelming, so we decided to create a best Fortnite skins guide, breaking down our favourites into popular types.

Whether it’s the best Fornite superhero skins, the best Fortnite Star Wars skins, or the best Fortnite anime skins, we’ve got a selection of plenty so you can keep battling in style. Some of these cosmetics might be hard to get, as the Fortnite item shop can often take a while to circle back around to some of the older Fortnite skins, but if you find one you really love, you’ll know to keep an eye out for it.

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here are the best Fortnite skins:

best Fortnite superhero skins

Season two has brought plenty of new Fortnite Superhero skins. Here are our favourites:

Naruto is visible as a fortnite skin



Black Widow

Harley Quinn




Kratos from God Of War is visible as a Fortnite skin


Chun-Li from Street Fighter is visible as a Fortnite skin


Master Chief from Halo is visible as a Fortnite skin

Master Chief

best Fortnite star wars skins

The Fortnite X Star Wars event last year introduced plenty of skins from the new trilogy to the game. Here are the most popular:


Kylo Ren

Imperial Stormtrooper


Best Dark Fortnite Skins

Fortnite’s Dark Series skins add a cool visual aesthetic to pre-existing skins. Here are the best picks:

Dark Bomber

Dark Red Knight


Best cute Fortnite Skins

Here are our favourite classic cute skins from Fortnite:





Best anime Fortnite Skins

It’s unlikely that Fortnite will ever get official anime skins, but here are some of the most anime-looking skins you can find in-game:


Astro Jack




Fortnite Custom Skins

While we can’t advise trying to port your own skins into Fortnite, since it would most definitely break the game, or require you to exploit bugs, you can design your own Fortnite skins using handy tools online. If you’re feeling creative, you can make your Fortnite skin, and share it with friends.

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