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Redditor uses AI to imagine what Genshin Impact anime could be

While we all eagerly anticipate the upcoming Genshin Impact anime, a Redditor has taken to AI art generation to imagine what it may look

Genshin Impact AI anime - a screenshot from the official teaser showing Lumine looking straight ahead

With such wonderful source material and characters to explore, we’re all super hyped for the upcoming Genshin anime. Having announced a Genshin Impact anime collaboration project with animation studio Ufotable, Hoyoverse dropped a concept trailer in September, and later followed it up with a video called ‘Scenery and Sentiment: Mondstadt Edition’. Animated by Sun Creature Studio, the second video is intended to give us a general idea of what the style and content will eventually be, though it’s likely still quite a ways off.

Of course, many of us have started theorising about the upcoming project, and, as we continue to wait for more official glimpses, Redditor u/RaviieR decided to take it upon themselves to use an art AI to imagine what the Genshim Impact anime might look like.

While we, like many of you, are not the biggest fan of AI-generated art due to its questionable ‘borrowing’ from original artists, and the suggestion that AI could be used to replace those who have spent years dedicated to perfecting their art (among plenty of other issues), these posts do give us a unique look into what could be.

Using the AI software Niji Journey (currently in beta access), u/RaviieR put multiple screenshots and pictures of Genshin Impact characters through the AI to produce anime-style images that have certainly gotten our imaginations running. You can check out the first set of images below, and head to the second post here.

I make Genshin Impact look like an anime screenshot using AI from Genshin_Memepact

Please keep in mind that these are intended as a bit of fun, and anyone presenting them as legitimate screenshots or leaks from Hoyoverse’s upcoming anime are wrong!

Of course, as soon as we get any info on the official Genshin Impact anime release date, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, keep an eye on our Genshin Impact update guide, or, if you’re looking for some more narrative adventures to explore while you’re waiting, check out our list of the best anime games on Switch and mobile.