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The tales of Teyvat are coming to life in a Genshin Impact anime

We’re getting a Genshin Impact anime sometime in the future from Hoyoverse and Ufotable, expanding the rich lore of this smash-hit open-world game

A screenshot from the Genshin Impact anime trailer, showing Lumine and Aether holding hands on a grassy plain. On the right is Aether, a blonde boy with black clothes and a white scarf. On the left is Lumine, a long blonde-haired girl with white robes and flowers in her hair.

While Genshin Impact still isn’t on the Nintendo Switch, the series is expanding into different media with the announcement of an anime. Hoyoverse is teaming up with the animation studio Ufotable, known for their work on Demon Slayer. They’ve also previously worked on videogames, like the souls-like Code Vein and RPG Tales of Arise.

For now, details are a little slim as to what the Genshin Impact anime entails. In the trailer, shown in September’s Genshin Impact update livestream, we see Paimon, flying through a shady and peaceful forest, followed by more gorgeously serene scenes of the world of Teyvat, before ending on a wide shot of Lumine and Aether standing on a grassy plain.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Well, you can check out the trailer below if you’re interested, but do take note of the title. It’s described as a ‘concept trailer’ for a long-term project. We don’t have any concrete details about the production process or how far along they are, but I suspect it’s a little way off. “The long-term collaboration project between Genshin Impact and ufotable has begun” makes it sound like they started yesterday.

Genshin Impact anime trailer

Check out the trailer for yourself below, though, as I said above, don’t get too overexcited. I imagine it won’t come out for a while.

YouTube Thumbnail

Anyway, let’s leave the Genshin Impact anime and get back to the game. We’ve got a Genshin Impact tier list and Genshin Impact codes list to help you on your journey through Teyvat.