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Genshin Impact Domain of Heresy – how to beat the Abyss Herald

How to defeat the Abyss Herald on the hardest settings in our Genshin Impact Domain of Heresy guide

The Abyss Herald from Genshin Impact Domain of Heresy

Struggling with the Genshin Impact Domain of Heresy? After battling your way through the Twisted Realm as part of the Energy Amplifier event, it’s time to face the final enemy, the Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents.

Before you begin the Domain of Heresy challenge, you’re able to customise the difficulty of the fight you’re about to undertake by enabling modifiers that reduce the battle’s time limit, significantly buff your enemies, and even reduce the strength of your own party. Gulp. On higher difficulties, this is far from an easy fight; but the more challenges you elect to take on, the higher the score you’re awarded at the end.

Essentially, you’re encouraged to test the limits of your team’s strength; by attaining certain combined score milestones, you can claim Fractured Fruit Data, which you can redeem for rewards in the event shop, like Primogems, Mora, Character EXP Materials, and even Genshin Impact Diona. If you’re struggling to beat the Abyss Herald, we’ve got some Genshin Impact Domain of Heresy tips and tricks to see you through the battle.

Genshin Impact Domain of Heresy – Abyss Herald

This formidable foe may be familiar to you from a previous archon quest, but this time, it has a few tricks up its sleeve – using the Ley Line Disorder, the Abyss Herald summons Hilichurl attendants who enhance its abilities.

The Abyss Herald’s elemental and physical resistance is increased for every attendant on the field, and they also heal it every twelve seconds. This means it’s critically important to wipe out the attendants as soon as they spawn – roughly, four are summoned every thirty seconds. To defeat as many attendants as possible, we recommend focusing on AoE damage and Cryo damage, which is particularly strong against the Abyss Herald.

A map revealing the location of Genshin Impact's Domain of Heresy

When the Abyss Herald has a fraction of its health remaining, it enters the Dark Descent phase and uses a water shield, no longer summoning attendants. To break this shield, you need to use elemental reactions; the best way to do this is by using Cryo elemental skills.

Domain of Heresy recommended party

As mentioned above, we recommend using AoE and Cryo characters. Unsurprisingly, Genshin Impact Ganyu is a fantastic choice, and works great in combination with Genshin Impact Venti, who helps you gather all the attendants into one place. It’s also useful to have a shield character like Genshin Impact Diona. If you don’t have Ganyu, Genshin Impact Zhongli is a reliable source of AoE damage.

Domain of Heresy fractured fruits

By equipping the Energy Amplifier with Fractured Fruit Cores and Splinters, you can buff your characters’ attacks, increasing your chances in the Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents fight. Using these fruits costs Motive Force; you have a maximum of 1000 when playing solo, so you’ll need to choose carefully. You can equip one Fractured Fruit Core, and up to ten Fractured Fruit Splinters, which cost either 150 or 100 Motive Force depending on their strength.

The Scattersleet Dance from Genshin Impact

You should choose your fractured fruits according to your party composition – some of them can compensate for weaknesses in your party. Electro isn’t the strongest right now, but the Scattersleet Dance fruit core buffs Electro’s elemental reaction, Superconduct, making those characters far more viable in the Domain of Heresy.

Hopefully, you’re now ready to take on the Abyss Herald yourself and earn some rewards. If you’re exhausted from the fighting, we suggest retreating to your Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot for a brief respite.