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Someone deleted Childe using this Genshin Impact Kaveh hack

This Genshin Impact Kaveh hack has blown up online overnight, as unsuspecting players are losing critical items and characters from their game to co-op hackers.

Genshin Impact Kaveh hack: Art of Kaveh writing a letter, outlined in white and pasted on a background of Sumeru. Next to him is a blue Seelie with a red cross through it, and Childe's face with a red cross through it

August 30, 2023: Hoyoverse has released a statement about the hack on the Genshin Impact Twitter, which we cover in more detail below

Worrying news is floating around the Genshin Impact community online today, especially for Kaveh mains, as players on the CN server have discovered a Genshin Impact Kaveh hack. The exploit allows players to use Genshin Impact Kaveh’s elemental skill to permanently delete assets from the host player’s world in co-op.

Videos have surfaced on Bilibili showing Chinese Genshin players in co-op lobbies deleting other players’ in-world items using Kaveh’s elemental skill ability, Artistic Ingenuity. Twitter user SipSipStefen shared one of these videos which shows a player using this hack to delete a Geo pillar from the host’s world. The implications of this hack are huge as many of the deleted items are used as part of quests or puzzles in the overworld, so deleting them locks the host player out of receiving those rewards permanently.

According to SipSip Stefen, “To my knowledge this is unconfirmed currently if this is just a private server issue or if this can be replicated in the actual Genshin Client, but just in case I wanted to inform people! I’d suggest not joining co-op until we get a clear answer on this issue, I really hope this is just some dumb joke.” He also quotes Twitter user hxg_diluc who said, “The destruction based on Kaveh E is irreversible, even you reinstall, using another device or cloud genshin. Presently there’s no way to get back the deleted items.”

Another video shared by Twitter user _mika60_ shows a player deleting all three phases of the Genshin Impact Childe boss fight, locking the host player out of collecting the domain rewards that they need to ascend a large group of characters. The only advice out there currently is to avoid joining co-op servers with people you don’t know to minimize the risk of losing crucial game assets.

On August 28, 2023, Hoyoverse released a statement on Genshin Impact’s Twitter stating that most players’ worlds had been restored to normal by August 26 if they submitted a complaint to customer service and that co-op play is now working as intended. The post also states that Hoyoverse has banned the accounts that used the plug-in hack and will be taking “legal action against developers, users, and disseminators of such plug-ins.”

That’s everything we know so far about the Genshin Impact Kaveh hack. If you want to take a break from Genshin and try out one of Hoyoverse’s other games, check out our Honkai Star Rail tier list and Honkai Star Rail codes guide.