Who is Genshin Impact’s Kaveh?

Genshin Impact's Kaveh is the mind behind the Palace of Alcazarzaray and Alhaitham's disgruntled roommate. But what else do we know about this Sumeru scholar?

Genshin Impact Kaveh - Alhaitham stood in front of the Palace of Alcazarzaray with a silhouetted emoji with exclamation marks above its head

We’ve all had an annoying roommate at some point in our lives, and it seems that Genshin Impact’s Kaveh can relate. This mysterious chap is mentioned in multiple voice lines, having been the talented architect behind the gorgeous Palace of Alcazarzaray, but it seems like he has a sore word or two to say about his bedfellow.

But who exactly is Genshin Impact’s Kaveh? Well, while we don’t have too many details on this seemingly grumpy architect yet, we’ve gathered every crumb we have so far, along with a couple of community speculations. Of course, we’ll be sure to update this guide when Hoyoverse confirms any official information, but, in the meantime, let’s dive on in.

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Who is Genshin Impact’s Kaveh?

Kaveh is a talented architect who graduated from Kshahrewar of the Sumeru Akademiya with honours. Kshahrewar is one of the Six Darshans (the main schools that make up Sumeru Akademiya), and specialises in technology – specifically architecture and puzzle-solving.

Having been the brilliant mind behind the architecture of Palace of Alcazarzaray, a grand building in Sumeru’s Lokapala Jungle, it’s undeniable that Kaveh is extremely talented. However, during its construction, he somehow fell into deep debt. Kaveh has since taken up residence with Genshin Impact’s Alhaitham, though they often argue due to their vastly different personalities and opinions.

Genshin Impact Kaveh - the Palace of Alcazarzaray

Genshin Impact Kaveh character mentions

Genshin Impact’s Collei and Genshin Impact’s Tighnari mention Kaveh in their voicelines. Here’s what they have to say.

Collei voice lines

  • About Kaveh: ‘The General Mahamatra [Genshin Impact’s Cyno] once brought him to our place for a meal. From the moment the fruit arrived on the table, he ranted non-stop about his difficult and stubborn roommate for the entire meal. We didn’t get a single word in the whole time. We just nodded along and tried to stifle our laughter. It took a lot of effort.’

Tighnari voice lines

  • About Alhaitham: ‘Be careful of Alhaitham. I’m not saying he’s a bad guy, but he purely operates by rationality, so people often find his actions unacceptable. If you don’t believe me, just ask his housemate – thanks to Alhaitham, he has more pent-up frustration than an angry Anemo Slime.’
  • About Kaveh: ‘Kaveh is a famous architect in Sumeru. The Palace of Alcazarzaray is his magnum opus. During the initial planning, he even asked me to recommend suitable ornamental flora. I don’t know why or how, but he ended up heavily in debt after the palace was completed. Alhaitham is helping out by letting him stay at his place, but… I don’t know whether that’s a blessing or a curse…’

Genshin Impact Kaveh - Honkai Impact 3rd's Kevin looking up at the camera

What’s Genshin Impact Kaveh’s design?

Though different characters have mentioned his name in the game a few times so far, Hoyoverse is yet to give us a glimpse at Kaveh’s design, nor any information about his weapon or element. This has led many players to theorise that he’ll play a similar role to Genshin Impact’s Ayato, who was consistently spoken about around Inazuma, but didn’t make an appearance until much later in the region’s story.

However, with many considering Alhaitham to be an ‘expy’ (export or similar character) to Honkai Impact 3rd’s Su due to their physical similarities, theories are circulating that Kevah will be a Kevin expy, taking a similar appearance to the Honkai Impact 3rd character seen above. Keep in mind that this is far from confirmed, and there’s a good chance that Kaveh will have a completely different design. We’ll be sure to update this guide when we find out more.

That’s all we’ve got on Genshin Impact’s Kaveh for now. If you want to head off on a fresh adventure, be sure to check out our Tower of Fantasy characters and Tower of Fantasy weapons guides.