Geometry Dash Demonlist – what is it, which levels are on it

If you’ve not heard of the Geometry Dash Demonlist of levels, this guide will make you want to try and complete all of them, or even make your own

Geometry Dash Demonlist: The icons for Easy Demon, Extreme Demon, and Demon outlined in pale yellow and overlayed on a blurred Demonlist level screenshot.

Geometry Dash has been a rhythm game staple since its release in 2013, but there are only so many levels included in the main game and its spin-offs, so you might be able to complete it quickly. Luckily, the Geometry Dash Demonlist exists – a list of the most hardcore fan-created levels in all of Geometry Dash. There’s a whole community dedicated to verifying Demon levels, tracking their completion rates, and ranking the best Geometry Dash players in the world. 

Before we get into the list, if you haven’t played Geometry Dash in a while, why not check out our Geometry Dash SubZero guide to get up to date on one of the most recent instalments in the franchise? Or, if you want more rhythm game action, why not check out our Project Sekai events guide?

Geometry Dash Demonlist: A screenshot of the level thumbnail for Tartarus

What is a Geometry Dash Demon level?

A Geometry Dash Demon Level is a user-created level set to the hardest difficulty. All Demon levels award ten stars on completion, but there are five subcategories of difficulty within the Demon classification.

The five subcategories are:

  • Easy Demons
  • Medium Demons
  • Hard Demons
  • Insane Demons
  • Extreme Demons

User levels are made in Geometry Dash’s Level Editor and shared online so that other players can try to complete them.

What is the Geometry Dash Demonlist?

The Geometry Dash Demonlist is a list of verified Demon rank levels, ranked by difficulty. The list is split into the Main list, Extended list, and Legacy list, to keep track of levels as new ones get added.

The official Demonlist website provides verification videos for each of the levels, proving that they are possible to complete, as well as keeping track of the leaderboard for each level.

Geometry Dash Demonlist: A screenshot from the Top 1 Demon level, Acheron.

Demonlist Main list

Number Level name Creator name
1 Acheron ryamu
2 Slaughterhouse icedcave
3 Kyouki {出見塩}
4 Abyss of Darkness Exen
5 Silent clubstep TheRealSailent
6 Sakupen Circles Diamond
7 Firework Trick
8 LIMBO MindCap
9 poocubed btLisp
10 arcturus Maxfs
11 Oblivion dice88
12 Hard Machine komp
13 The Hallucination SyQual
14 Tartarus Dolphy
15 Mayhem LordVadercraft
16 Sonic Wave Infinity APTeamOfficial
17 Trueffet SyQual
18 The Golden BoBoBoBoBoBoBo
19 walter white Renn241
20 Verdant Landscape Nisha
21 RUTHLESS Surjaco
22 Zodiac Bianox
23 Aerial Gleam Endlevel
24 Kenos npesta
25 Shukketsu Yuko
26 Keres ItsHybrid
27 Revenant nikroplays
28 Promethean Endlevel
29 Thinking Space Atomic
30 qoUEO GhostVandalf
31 SARY NEVER CLEAR Kugelblitz
32 Lotus Flower StarkytheSalad
33 Esfera SyQual
35 Fragile Endlevel
36 Crimson Planet TrueOmega
37 Calculator Core Walroose
38 Cold Sweat para
39 Cognition Endlevel
40 Cosmic Cyclone APTeamOfficial
41 Lucid Nightmares CairoX
42 RUST neigefeu
43 Silent Club Luqualizer
44 Shardscapes Kiba
45 Akashic Records VoTcHi
46 Descent Into Exile GrenadeofTacos
47 The Rupture Ka1ns
48 Kappa Armadeus
49 Bloodlust knobbelboy
50 Ragnarok knobbelboy
51 Omega Interface Platnuu
52 Congregation Presta
53 Jesse Pinkman Renn241
54 Asterios Exen
55 Terminux VulgarisAerae
57 no jokes theParadoxTeam
58 Pagoda Seturan
59 Aronia Exen
60 The Art of the Blade mbed
61 Deimos Endlevel
62 Arctic Lights Metalface221
63 Sigma MindCap
64 The Yandere Dorami
65 Nhelv SrGuillester
66 untitled unmastered para
67 kowareta Gablor
68 Ouroboros ViPriN
69 Visible Ray Krampux
71 Frozen Cave TrueParadoxTeam
72 Launchpad Labyrinth Moffe
73 Plasma Pulse Finale Zeostar
75 SZYSLAK Zeniux

Geometry Dash Demonlist: A screenshot of Spectrum Cyclone, a level from the Geometry Dash Demonlist Extended list

Demonlist Extended list

Number Level name Creator name
76 Spectrum Cyclone Temp
77 Calamity Awedsy
78 Aquatic Auroras Endlevel
80 Storming Summit Nimbus
81 Requiem Zylenox
82 Sparkling MzeroGD
83 Eternal Moment Rainstorm
84 Loochiverse Nerhy
85 Wasureta HelpegasuS
86 Hyper Paracosm iIiViRuZiIi
87 Molten Core Janucha
88 Omega MindCap
89 Shutdown OliSW
90 Gamma MindCap
91 Gustavo Fring Renn241
92 Spacial Rend Eclipsed
93 Sink Awedsy
94 Macabre ZephiroX
95 Sonic Wave Rebirth Serponge
96 Sonic Wave Sunix
97 ConTroller DreamZoneGD
99 Cybernetic Crescent ViPriN
100 Infinite Iniquity Flukester
101 Molten Gear knobbelboy
102 Shmarley Ville Renn241
103 of Ambrosia Renn241
104 GONER Nightning
105 Mirrored Calamity Nimbus
106 Sephiroth Rainstorm
107 Dedohexdragon royen
108 Necromancer TGI
109 Edge of the Blade kiseta
110 Yatagarasu TrusTa
111 rosedynamix rose;
112 The Hell Nutz TheLasaga
113 Cersia Difficult Cersia
114 xo KrmaL
115 Generic Wave Pennutoh
116 Titan Complex TCTeam
117 Nunri Szilu
118 Rage nSwish
119 Icotact icedcave
120 Kuzureta Teno
121 Quantum Theory HeroZombie80
122 memories ImMaxX1
123 BRKMGB8GJCZ robotchief
124 Erebus BoldStep
125 Raisins Airzyy
126 Retention Rush TheBlackHell
127 The Reaper Kyhros
128 Nightshade YakobNugget
129 Sunset Sandstorm crohn44
130 Altered Ascent Prism
131 Dark Flare KeiAs
132 Ddiamond IFritz
133 DubKore X Loogiah
134 Celestial Force MindCap
135 Tapwreck MrLorenzo
136 Delebit Oblivio TeamSmokeWeed
137 RELENTLESS Surjaco
138 Devil Vortex Rustam
139 Timor Colorbolt
140 super probably level alkali
141 WOW TrusTa
142 Chromatic Haze Cirtrax
143 ConFusion DreamZoneGD
144 Framework Agat3
145 Catalyze ZephiroX
146 Dreams Kapycta999
147 Lucid Chaos CairoX
148 Stygian Machinery TeamE12
149 Paroxysm Lemons
150 Freedom08 Pennutoh

What is the Demonlist Legacy list?

The Legacy list is home to levels that used to be Demons, but have since been removed from the Main or Extended lists. They’re kept on the Demonlist website for nostalgic reasons and can be found there.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the Geometry Dash Demonlist. If you fancy something new to play on mobile, check out our list of new mobile games coming in 2023.