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Mobile game Guardian Tales is now available on Nintendo Switch

The Guardian Tales Nintendo Switch version is now available, and it promises to build upon what makes the original mobile game so good

Guardian Tales Switch key art that features heroes charging away from a castle with weapons at the ready

If you happen to be a Guardian Tales fan, you’re in for a treat as the retro-style mobile game is now available on Nintendo Switch, and yes, it’s still free-to-play. Even if you’re yet to play this title, what better way to experience it than on console, especially since it takes inspiration from games such as Nintendo’s A Link to the Past?

Of course, there are numerous benefits if you play the Guardians Tales Switch version, as not only is immersion better due to the larger screen, but the JoyCons make the game more accessible through fluent controls. Oh, and there’s a customisation option that allows you to tailor the controls to better suit your play style.

Another difference for the Switch version is that those who like to engage in PvP can do so on a single server, and we imagine that this is a great piece of news for people that want to meet other players. Naturally, you can still enjoy the single-player story mode, join guilds, customise your floating castle known as Heavenhold, and collect a roster of heroes and weapons.

What is the Guardian Tales Switch release date?

It’s already here, and for those that want some goodies to kick start your journey, you just have to log in after launch to get:

  • 100k gold
  • 3k free gems
  • 100 free summons (a limit of ten per day)
  • Three-star equipment
  • Two-star hero
  • A rose knight costume.
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If you fancy even more freebies, our Guardian Tales codes guide can help you out. We also have a Guardian Tales tier list, just in case you want to know who the best heroes are.