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All Hades 2 boons

Hades 2 boons are gifts from the gods, and you’ll need all the help you can get if you want to survive the punishing Underworld or venture out to the Surface.

Hades 2 characters Poseidon, Zeus, and Aphrodite on a Hades 2 purple background

The gods and goddesses of Olympus and beyond don’t get involved that much, but they do appear to bestow Hades 2 boons on Melinoë. As the daughter of Hades himself – and little sister to everyone’s favorite prince of the Underworld, Zagreus – Melinoë is tasked with rescuing her father from the clutches of Chronos, the titan of time, before he wages war with Olympus.

So, quite understandably, the gods and goddesses on high are keen to help you out in this daunting task. Different boons can turn the tide on any run, and it pays to understand the gifts you’ll be receiving, so we’ve got all of the different boons listed and explained in this handy guide. If you’re after even more Hades 2 info, we have a full list of Hades 2 characters, and make sure you check out our guide on Hades 2 weapons so you can choose the best fighting style for you.

Here’s everything you need to know about all Hades 2 boons.

What are Hades 2 boons?

All Hades 2 boons from the gods and goddesses of Olympus are valuable to Melinoë’s task in some way, but the choicest picks depend entirely on what you want to get out of a certain run. No two runs are the same in Hades 2, and therefore you’re never guaranteed to get the same loadout as your last.

You can see what boons are coming up by the icons on each door at the end of an encounter. There are symbols to represent each god or goddess waiting for you, such as a flame icon for Hestia, or a lightning bolt icon for Zeus.

This is why it’s so important to understand all of the Hades 2 boons and what they can offer you, so you can make the best decisions when creating a build on the fly and add enhancements to your basic attacks, Special attacks, Casts, and Omega abilities. We’ve compiled a list of all of the available Hades 2 boons we’ve come across so far, but given the nature of the die-die-die again roguelike, we’re likely to come across new ones in the future – so keep your eyes peeled, as we’ll update this list with any new boons we find!

Hades 2 Apollo with a background of Erebus

Hades 2 Apollo boons

Apollo is the god of light and gifts boons to Melinoë that inflict Daze on enemies, which makes their attacks more likely to miss you. His boons are great when combined with a fast play style, so if you’re a fan of the Sister Blades he’s a choice pick.

Here are all of the Hades 2 Apollo boons:

Apollo boons Description
Beach Ball Sprinting creates a watery ball that throws itself at enemies and bursts
Back Burner Dazed enemies take more damage if you hit them from behind
Blinding Sprint Sprint becomes faster and inflicts daze
Dazzling Display Inflict daze on enemies
Extra Dose Attacks have the chance to hit twice
Exceptional Talent Special and omega attacks deploy twice but consume additional magick
Lucid Gain Restore magick when standing in cast
Light Smite Inflict daze on enemies when you take damage
Perfect Image Deal increased damage until you receive damage
Self Healing If you have three fire boons, you restore health when you take damage
Solar Ring At the end of omega cast, it deals increased damage for two seconds
Super Nova Casts continuously grow until it expires

Hades 2 Aphrodite against a blurred Erebus background

Hades 2 Aphrodite boons

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and her boons inflict the Weak status effect on enemies. Make your foes’ knees tremble and their attacks won’t inflict as much damage on you, so if you’re looking for a tankier build, this is the goddess to go for. She works well with Apollo, as both of their boons lessen incoming damage.

Here are all of the Hades 2 Aphrodite boons:

Aphrodite boons Description
Broken Resolve Enemies affected by weak status take more damage
Flutter Flourish Special attacks deal more damage
Flutter Strike Attacks deal more damage
Glamour Gain At the start of every encounter, one enemy starts weakened, and you regenerate magick when near weakened foes
Heart Breaker Summon a Heartthrob, a projectile that forms around you and explodes after 20 seconds, whenever you gain 30 magick
Healthy Rebound Restore 100% health when you exit an encounter, providing you haven’t lost too much (threshold decreases with each rarity)
Life Affirmation Life rewards have a greater effect
Passion Dash Dash creates a surface area of weak at the start and end
Rapture Ring Cast pulls enemies in and inflicts weak
Secret Crush Reduces magick limit at the beginning of each encounter, but attacks have additional power
Shameless Attitude While at 80% health or above, you deal increased damage
Wispy Wiles If you have four air boons, you can dodge any damage even if you get hit

Hades 2 Artemis against a blurred Erebus background

Hades 2 Artemis boons

Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, and where the other gods and goddesses like to wait until you’ve cleared an encounter before they offer their services, Artemis jumps straight into the fray with you. She marks foes – and takes some of them out with some pretty hefty arrows – and she still offers you a boon, as well as the reward for that encounter. Her Marked status effect can help with critical damage, so she’s a good all-rounder whatever weapon or play style you go for.

Here are all of the Hades 2 Artemis boons:

Artemis boons Description
Death Warrant Marks a random enemy. If they take critical damage, the mark moves to another
Easy Shot Artemis fires an arrow at any enemy within your omega cast
First Blood Enemies with 80% health or armor take critical damage
Lethal Snare Your attacks deal critical damage to enemies trapped in your cast
Silver Streak Omega abilities deal more damage for two seconds after you dash
Support Fire Artemis fires a seeking arrow at every enemy you hit with standard or special attacks

Hades 2 embodiment of Chaos against a blurred Erebus background

Hades 2 Chaos boons

Considering they are the primordial embodiment of disorder and turmoil itself, Chaos boons operate a little differently than those bestowed by the gods. They curse Melinoë at first, so you have to work to overcome this in order to receive the blessing that awaits. With this in mind, there are a number of combos that Chaos can present to you. Below, we’ve listed out all of the curse effects as well as all of the blessing effects, so you can make an informed decision about whether they’re worth taking or not.

Here are all of the cursed effects that Chaos offers:

Chaos cursed effects Description
Maimed Lose six health whenever you use attacks – lasts five encounters
Flayed Lose three health whenever you use special attacks – lasts three encounters
Addled Lose five health whenever you use cast – lasts five encounters
Gagged Lose eight health whenever you use omega abilities – lasts four encounters
Excruciating Take 21% more damage – lasts four encounters
Hobbled Dash is slower and consumes four magick – lasts four encounters
Slothful Sprint and mobility are 52% slower – lasts four encounters
Caustic Whenever you kill an enemy, they threw an inferno bomb at you – lasts three encounters

Here are all of the Hades 2 Chaos blessings:

Chaos blessings Description
Strike Attacks deal 26% more damage
Flourish Special attacks deal 56% more damage
Chasm Casts deal 34% more damage
Celerity Movement and sprint speed increases by 30%
Chant Omega abilities deal 30% more damage for every boon you have with the void element stone
Revelation Omega abilities are channeled 13% faster
Will Restores 4.5 magick every second
Talent When using related abilities, you consume 25% less magick
Soul Gain 28 health
Blood Restores fourth health when you exit a location
Mind Gain 36 magick
Favor Boons have a 50% chance to be rare or better
Discovery 66% chance to find 100% resources
Affluence Gold is worth 50% more
Creation Gain one of each elemental stone
Legendary: Defiance Gain one Death Defiance during your current run

Hades 2 Demeter against a blurred Erebus background

Hades 2 Demeter boons

Demeter is the goddess of the changing seasons and one of the newer additions to Hades 2. She helps Melinoë by freezing enemies and slowing them down, which means her boons are great for any kind of crowd-control build or play style. If you’re wielding the Moonstone Axe, a noticeably slower weapon, Demeter’s boons can offer you some much-needed space and time.

Here are all of the Hades 2 Demeter boons:

Demeter boons Description
Arctic Ring Increases cast size and inflicts freeze on enemies
Cold Storage Freeze effects last longer
Coarse Grit If you have six earth boons, you take less damage
Cherish Heirloom All keepsakes increase in effectiveness and strength
Frigid Spirit Sprinting creates a cyclone that remains for a short period at the end
Gale Force Casts create a cyclone
Ice Flourish Special attacks deal more damage and inflict freeze
Ice Strike Standard attacks deal more damage and inflict freeze
Natural Selection You have a higher chance of obtaining rarer boons. This excludes life rewards, gold, and magick
Plentiful Forage Get a mystery seed whenever you collect plants, mushrooms, seeds, or gain health
Rare Crop Omega casts grant strength after each use, but take five points of additional magick
Tranquil Gain You restore magick by standing still for one second
Winter Coat Start each encounter with a shield that absorbs one attack

Hades 2 Hephaestus against a blurred Erebus background

Hades 2 Hephaestus boons

Hephaestus is the god of the forge and, being the wily innovator he is, has quite an interesting status effect to offer through his boons. Vent deals delayed burst damage to enemies, so if you know you’re going to come up against a lot of enemies at once, the residual damage can really come handy. It can be a slower play style, but still very effective.

Here are all of the Hades 2 Hephaestus boons:

Hephaestus boons Description
Anvil Ring Cast area of effect decreases, but it deals rapid damage three times
Fixed Gain Whenever you receive damage, take -10% less and restore Magick
Furnace Blast Blast effects from other Hephaestus boons inflict vent
Heavy Metal You become immune to knock-back effects and gain armor
Martial Art Special and standard attacks increase in damage for each earth boon you currently have
Mint Condition Become immune to damage for a short period at the start of each encounter
Molten Touch Special and standard attacks deal higher damage to armored enemies
Trusty Shield Swap 30 magick for armor until the next encounter
Tough Trade If you receive damage during a special or standard attack, the attack deals increased damage
Uncanny Fortitude Receive maximum health based on magick limit
Volcanic Flourish Special attacks have a chance to form a blast that deals 400 damage
Volcanic Strike Standard attacks have a chance to form a blast that deals 200 damage

Hades 2 Hera against a blurred Erebus background

Hades 2 Hera boons

Given that she’s the literal Queen of Olympus and Zeus’ wife, Hera boons are pretty rare in Hades 2. Ruling the Mount means that she’s a busy lady, it’s understandable. When she does appear, Hera can aid Melinoë by offering the hitch effect, a knock-on status that chains damage between enemies. She can also help by upgrading your existing boons, particularly if you have other earth-type boons from the likes of Hephaestus.

Here are all of the Hades 2 Hera boons:

Hera boons Description
Bridal Glow All currently equipped boons become heroic
Born Gain Whenever your magick limit is depleted, you can prime to restore it in full at a reduced limit
Dying Wish When you kill hitched foes, you damage all other hitched foes in the area
Engagement Ring Casts last 200% longer and deal additional damage
Family Trade Sacrifice boons become stronger
Hereditary Bane Hitched effects deal more damage and last five seconds longer
Keen Intuition Deal more damage with omega moves when you have maximum magick
Nexus Sprint Sprint inflicts hitch on enemies, which then spreads to other enemies in the area
Nasty Comeback Inflict your attack with hitch and deal more damage whenever you take damage yourself
Proper Upbringing When you have three earth boons, all common boons increase in rarity
Queen’s Ransom Sacrifice your Zeus boons to receive a rarity increase on your Hera boons
Sworn Flourish Special attacks deal more damage and inflict hitch
Sworn Strike Standard attacks deal more damage and inflict hitch
Uncommon Grace If none of your boons are common, you deal more damage with all attacks

Hades 2 Hermes against a blurred Erebus background

Hades 2 Hermes boons

Hermes is fast as heck, and so it stands to reason that the basis of his boons increase your speed and agility in the height of battle. He is the god of swiftness, after all. If you’re working on a speedy run, Hermes’ boons can be super helpful, especially if you’re wielding weapons like the Sister Blades. Faster, faster, faster!

Here are all of the Hades 2 Hermes boons:

Hermes boons Description
Greater Evasion You can dodge any incoming damage
Hard Target Slows enemy ranged attacks
Mean Streak Whenever you kill an enemy, you deal increased damage for 30 seconds
Midnight Oil When you’ve prepared a hex, you move and attack faster
Nitro Boost Sprint is 20% faster and provides brief immunity to incoming damage
Quick Buck Find gold in larger amounts
Saved Breath Omega casts cost less magick
Swift Flourish Special attacks are faster
Swift Strike Standard attacks are faster
Tall Order If you have at least two boons of each main element (earth, air, fire, or water), you deal more damage
Witty Retort Hex requires less magick

Hades 2 Hestia against a blurred Erebus background

Hades 2 Hestia boons

This sweet and spicy goddess is a new face to the franchise, and as the goddess of flame, offers some pretty hot boons. Her Scorch status does exactly what it says on the tin and burns enemies with damage-over-time, which can come in clutch when you’re battling big bosses that have a devastatingly long health bar.

Here are all of the Hades 2 Hestia boons:

Hestia boons Description
Burning Desire 12 shades appear to help you in each encounter, launching fire bolts at enemies
Burnt Offering Sacrifice one boon – at Hestia’s discretion – to gain maximum health and magick points
Controlled Burn Omega special can launch a fire projectile, but consumes ten magick
Fire Extinguisher Enemies with 300 scorch take burst damage
Flame Flourish Special attacks inflict scorch
Flame Strike Standard attacks inflict scorch
Flammable Coating Scorch deals bonus damage to armor
Glowing Coal Casts launch a fire projectile that explodes and deals AoE damage
Hearth Gain Sacrifice 20% health points but quickly restore magick
Natural Gas When you kill a scorched foe, the status effect transfers to a nearby enemy
Slow Cooker Special and standard attacks have higher damage for every fire boon you have equipped
Smolder Ring Cast inflicts scorch
Soot Sprint Sprint inflicts scorch and destroys incoming projectiles

Hades 2 Poseidon against a blurred Erebus background

Hades 2 Poseidon boons

Poseidon is the god of the sea and, much like the oceans themselves, is an unstoppable force. His boons remain much the same as the original game, specializing in knock-back effects and high damage. They can also serve to increase range, so if you’re looking to stay out of the fray as much as possible, equip the Witch’s Staff and take enemies out without them touching you.

Here are all the Hades 2 Poseidon boons:

Poseidon boons Description
Breaker Sprint Sprint deals damage and knocks enemies back, but it consumes five magick with each hit
Crashing Wave Throw enemies into barriers and create a blast of water with knock-back effects
Double Up Minor finds can duplicate
Flood Control Reduce magick damage taken at the start of each encounter
Fluid Gain Attacks create a spirit bubble which restore 20 magick when you touch them
Geyser Ring Omega casts detonate immediately and knock back enemies
Hydraulic Might Special and standard attacks are stronger for the first ten seconds of each encounter
Island Getaway Take less damage
Ocean’s Bounty Minor finds, including gold, have higher quantities
Slippery Slope Effects from other Poseidon boons inflict slip on enemies
Sunken Treasure Receive gold, ashes, health, or psyche
Water Fitness If you have at least four water boons, your max health increases
Wave Flourish Special attacks get a knock-back effect
Wave Strike Standard attacks get a knock-back effect

Hades 2 Selene on a blurred Erebus background

Hades 2 Selene boons

Similar to Chaos, Selene’s boons work a little differently than those offered by the gods and goddesses of Olympus. Selene is the embodiment of the moon, and she offers a hex that is more of an ‘ultimate’ ability than a long-lasting boon. With that being said, the hex remains with you for your current run, and you can upgrade it on the Path of Stars. But it costs magick, so if you have a build that specializes in magick restoration, make sure to pick Selene for some extra fire – or moon – power.

Here are all of the Hades 2 Selene boons:

Selene boons Description
Phase Shift Makes everything around you move 80% slower for five seconds – costs 150 magick
Twilight Curse Hex launches a homing missile that morphs up to ten enemies – costs 140 magick
Lunar Ray Emits a moonbeam that deals up to 1.2k damage over three seconds – costs 120 magick
Wolf Howl Launch yourself into the air and deal 200 damage on impact – costs 80 magick
Moon Water Restore 25 health – costs 70 magick, and has three charges during a run which reset when you drink from a fountain
Night Bloom Bring a random enemy back to life to fight at your side for 12 seconds – costs 100 magick
Total Eclipse Blast a targeted area for 1k damage for four seconds – costs 200 magick
Dark Side Become totally impervious to all damage and receive new abilities for five seconds – costs 90 magick

Hades 2 Zeus against a blurred Erebus background

Hades 2 Zeus boons

Zeus is the King of Olympians and his boons focus on lightning damage – because of course they do. His boons can offer some devastating cast effects, and his blitz status effect strikes foes with lightning. He also appears a lot more than his spouse, Hera, because he’s probably lounging around on a thunder cloud and leaving the actual ruling of Olympus to her…

Here are all of the Hades 2 Zeus boons:

Zeus boons Description
Air Quality If you have at least five air boons, deal increased damage
Apocalyptic Storm Blitz effects last longer and activates against all afflicted foes
Divine Vengeance Strikes enemies with lightning whenever you receive damage, with a 50% forecast of a second strike of lightning
Double Strike Lightning effects have the chance to hit twice
Electric Overload Chain-lightning hits foes whenever blitz status is active
Heaven Flourish Special attacks inflict blitz
Heaven Strike Standard attacks inflict blitz
Iconic Gain Reduces magick by 70%, but it restores much faster
King’s Ransom Sacrifice all Hera boons in exchange for rarity increase to all Zeus boons
Lightning Lance Cast produces a binding circle which hits all enemies within its AoE with lightning
Spirit Surge Occasionally strikes enemies with lightning if you have less than ten magick
Static Shock Prime 50 magick at the start of every encounter to cause chain-lightning with every attack
Storm Ring Omega casts produce lightning bolts that hit enemies
Thunder Sprint Sprint strikes nearby enemies with lightning. Costs three magick for each enemy hit
Toasting Fork Blitz effects deal damage even when expired

Well, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about all of the available Hades 2 boons. Like we said, this is a list of the boons we’ve found so far, so we’ll make sure to keep this list updated with any we might not have come across yet.

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