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All Hades 2 weapons and how to get them

Check out each and every one of the Hades 2 weapons available in the follow-up to Supergiant Games’ incredible roguelite, and what they all do.

hades 2 weapons - key art showing melinoe weilding the sister blades

While we patiently wait for Supergiant Games’ upcoming game on Switch, let’s take a look at all the Hades 2 weapons including how to get them, what they do, and which combat situations call for different items. While there are currently only five weapons in the game, it’s very likely that we’ll get a sixth added to match the first Hades game where six key items were available.

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Here are all the Hades 2 weapons:

Melinoe using the Hades 2 weapons - Witch's Spear while running through a forest

Witch’s Staff

The Witch’s Staff is your first weapon. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch, though. While wielding it, you can perform close-range attacks, or use the special long-range attacks to hit enemies further afield. You can also charge it up to release an Omega move that deploys an explosive projectile.

The Hades 2 weapons - Argent Skull in combat shooting a green skull at an enemy

Argent Skull

The Argent Skull provides excellent ranged attacks, and has a dash move, though it does have a limit on ammo. There are three skulls you can fire off, but you do need to go and collect them in order to use them again. That’s where the dash attack comes in, as it means you can get over to the skulls quicker to use them again.

  • Crafting ingredients – one bronze and two glassrock

Hades 2 weapons - Melinoe using the Moonstone Axe in combat

Moonstone Axe

Axes are as cool as they are dangerous. With the Moonstone, you can perform heavy attacks, though they are slow. You can deal plenty of damage with one blow from the axe, but remember to dodge as soon as you can in order to avoid taking hits yourself.

  • Crafting ingredients – 15 silver

Hades 2 weapons - Sister Blades in combat hitting two enemies at once

Sister Blades

This particular weapon – or, weapons – is a pair of blades called Lim and Oros. The blades are quick, and deliver medium damage per hit. If you prefer a faster build, these are for you. Plus, the Omega move you get with the Sister Blades lets you teleport behind an enemy, so you can hit them without their knowing.

  • Crafting ingredients – one silver

Hades 2 weapons - Umbral Flames surrounding Melinoe in the midst of enemies

Umbral Flames

Who doesn’t love an aesthetically pleasing weapon? Well, the Umbral Flames add as much drip as they do damage. The Flames let you use ranged attacks in the form of fireballs, and have the same fireballs orbit around you using the weapon’s special. These then hit any enemies you come close to.

  • Crafting ingredients – three silver and three cinders

The crafting materials are found as drops from defeating bosses or mined as minerals in different areas of the game.

  • Silver – mined with the Crescent Pick in most areas
  • Glassrock – mined in the Fields of Mourning area
  • Bronze – mined in the City of Ephyra – find out more in our Hades bronze guide
  • Cinder – drops from Hecate’s boss fight
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How do I unlock Hades 2 weapons?

Similar to the arsenal room in the first Hades game, you can unlock new weapons in Hades 2’s staging room where you begin your new runs. To get your hands on a fancy new blade or fireball, all you need to do is click on the pool in the room.

Remember that you start with the Witch’s Staff, and to unlock any other weapons, you’ll need the correct materials in order to forge them. Some of these are unlocked at the start of the game, but others appear as you clear more of the story.

There’s plenty going on in the gaming world, but we’re looking forward to a new Mario game or a new Pokémon game that could come to the Nintendo Switch 2 in the future.