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All Hades 2 characters

All Hades 2 characters, from Mount Olympus down to the Underworld itself, and all whose paths you’ll cross in Supergiant’s incredible sequel, are listed here.

Hades 2 characters Hecate, Nemesis, and Hades against a Hades 2 background

If you’re looking for an exhaustive list of all the Hades 2 characters, then you’re in the right place. The titan-sized roguelike follow-up to Supergiant’s original dungeon crawler has a whole host of characters waiting to aid protagonist Melinoë – the chthonic goddess and baby sister of the first game’s main character, Zagreus – in her quest to take down Chronos.

We were already super excited for Hades 2’s release date, and now that we can take a trip to the Underworld once more, we’ve stitched together this list of characters so you know exactly what you’re up against. Some friends, some foes, and some adorable little spider ladies await you. If you’re still battling your way through the original game, we have a full list of Hades characters to help you out, plus you can take the game on the go thanks to Hades on Netflix games, or you can check out a bunch of different titles with our picks for the best games like Hades.

Hades 2 character list

Here’s a full rundown of all the Hades 2 characters we’ve come across so far. With the sheer size of Supergiant’s roguelike sequel, there will no doubt be characters we haven’t discovered yet, so keep your eyes peeled on this list, as we’ll update it as soon as we meet any new faces.

Hades 2 main character Melinoë


Melinoë is the main protagonist of Hades 2, and the baby sister of everyone’s favorite and devilishly dashing demi-god, Zagreus. She’s a chthonic goddess associated with ghosts and nightmares, but is actually quite sweet and earnest despite this. Melinoë is destined to descend into Tartarus, the lowest point of the Underworld, and defeat Chronos, the titan who broke free, captured her father, Hades, and took control of her home.

Hades 2 character Hecate


Hecate is the goddess of witchcraft, crossroads, and necromancy, and also serves as Melinoë’s mentor. She’s often associated with the moon and aids Melinoë in her quest to defeat Chronos. In fact, she was the one who decided that Melinoë would be the one to kill the titan. She raised and trained Melinoë as a young child, and now ‘helps’ by being the first main boss of the game, at the end of Erebus.

hades 2 character Charon


Those who played the first Hades game will already know who Charon is. The stygian boatman cares for naught but gold and acts as a trader throughout several levels of the Underworld. Melinoë can trade gold for boons and power-ups from Charon during each of her runs. Don’t bother trying to get a word out of him, though, because he’ll only grunt and moan at you.

hades 2 character Dora


Dora is an adorable little ghost who practices her haunting skills in Melinoë’s bedroom. This sassy little shade soon becomes a friendly face – despite her attempts at spookiness – and greets Melinoë every time she returns from a failed run.

hades 2 character Schelemeus


Schelemeus is using his full and proper title in Hades 2, but fans of the original game will recognize this bony guy as Skelly. He takes up his usual job role of a training dummy and punching bag, where Melinoë can practice with her weapons by beating whatever life is left out of his bones.

hades 2 character Hypnos


We’d already met Hypnos in the first Hades game, where he was a surprisingly chipper and very-much-awake god that greeted Zagreus after failed runs. In Hades 2, he’s curled up and snoozing in Melinoë’s home – as is his right. We’re sure Melinoë will soon find a way to wake the god of sleep up, though she’d better have some strong coffee prepared.

Hades 2 character Nemesis


Even if you’re unfamiliar with Greek mythology, you likely know the term ‘Nemesis’. She’s Retribution incarnate, and the daughter of Nyx, the goddess of night. She remains at the Crossroads, Melinoë’s base camp, and has been tasked with overseeing the place. She’s in a constant grump at this assignment, as she’d much prefer to be the one fighting Chronos and feels as though her skills are wasted.

Hades 2 character Odysseus


Odysseus is a veteran tactician who hangs out at the Crossroads, and if your history lessons taught you anything, you’ll know that he was the mastermind behind the Trojan horse. Fans of the first game thought that maybe Skelly, Zagreus’ punching bag, was actually Odysseus, but since the devilishly handsome warrior is chilling at the Crossroads, the two are apparently unrelated. Or maybe he just invested in some really good skincare.

Hades 2 character Narcissus


Much like Nemesis, you’ll probably recognize the name Narcissus. Narcissism incarnate, this long-dead hunter is said to be the most beautiful man in the world, although, for some reason, he keeps a cowl over his face so we never get to see his good looks. He appears sporadically during Melinoë’s runs in Oceanus, where there are plenty of pools of water for him to gaze lovingly at his reflection. He’ll throw some pity-gifts at Melinoë on her travels.

hades 2 character Arachne


The cutest dang spider you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet, Arachne is an eight-legged friend that likes to spin her silk into beautiful – and powerful – outfits for Melinoë during her runs in Erebus. These silk gowns all offer different boons, a certain number of armor points, and a whole new outfit. What a sweet li’l spider she is.

hades 2 character Moros


Moros is the son of Nyx and quite literally doom incarnate. Moody and morose (duh), he appears after Melinoë performs the Fated Intervention incantation. He bestows Melinoë with the Fated List of Minor Prophecies, where she can earn some extra currency by completing them.

hades 2 character Cerberus


Previously the best boy and Zagreus’ three-headed pet, Cerberus now serves as a mutated, corrupted version of himself and acts as the final boss in the Fields of Mourning in Hades 2. Cerberus turning into an Infernal Beast is a sad, sad day for us all, but maybe another Satyr Sack or two could bring him back from destruction.

hades 2 character Selene


Selene is the goddess of the Moon and Melinoë’s great-aunt. She offers her niece several powerful Hex boons to help her on her travels through the Underworld, but can only make an appearance at night (obviously). Although she appears infrequently, she’s a welcome sight in the darkness.

hades 2 character Hades


The god of the Underworld himself, Hades is Melinoë’s father and Chronos’ prisoner in the depths of Tartarus. Hades commanded Hecate to watch over his daughter, and when Melinoë finally battles her way to the lowest point of the Underworld she’ll find her father, who will bestow boons to help in her fight against the titan of time.

hades 2 character Eris


The personification of strife is the younger sister of Nemesis and serves as the main boss encounter in the Rift of Thessaly. She taunts Melinoë and offers a fearsome battle in her quest to sow chaos in the world – and Underworld.

hades 2 character Chaos


Chaos is the ethereal embodiment of the void that spawned the Titans themselves and is empathetic to the goings-on between the gods. They do, however, offer boons to Melinoë in much the same way they did to Zagreus in the original game. But be warned, their gifts come with some, quite understandably, chaotic debuffs. So choose wisely!

hades 2 character Scylla


Giving her best Ursula impression, Scylla is the final boss encounter in Oceanus. Beautiful nymph turned grotesque sea monster, Scylla and her band, the Sirens, put on quite a show for Melinoë at the end of the underwater part of the Underworld. Don’t let the music draw you in, plug your ears and take out her sirens before cracking her shell and defeating her.

hades 2 character Heracles


Heracles is the son of Zeus, and yes, his name might be familiar because others will know this enigmatic demi-god as Hercules. Hercules is actually the Roman name for him (Disney messed it up on purpose, I swear). Although he was mentioned in the original game we never got to meet him, but this time around, he helps Melinoë out on her quest.

hades 2 character Polyphemus


Polyphemus is the son of water god, Poseidon, and a cyclops who acts as the boss encounter in the City of Ephyra. Our favorite warrior, Odysseus, blinded him many years before when he went pillaging in Polyphemus’ cave, but the one-eyed behemoth is still a pretty scary match.

hades 2 character Medea


Medea is the witch of shadows and will offer Melinoë her nightly curses to help in her quest to take down Chronos. She can be found in the City of Ephyra, and despite bestowing ‘curses’, actually has some pretty cool boons on offer.

hades 2 character Aphordite


Aphrodite is one of the Olympian goddesses and the personification of love and beauty. Aphrodite doesn’t appear during an initial run, but will sporadically pop up thereafter, offering boons to help turn Melinoë’s foes weak and helpless. Love does it to us all.

hades 2 character Apollo


Apollo is the twin brother of Artemis and the Olympian god of light. His handy boons can help daze Melinoë’s foes, which stops them from dealing damage and makes them easier to kill. He’s a smooth-talking, charismatic god, and despite being twins, gets ever so peeved when Artemis refers to him as ‘little brother’.

hades 2 character Artemis


Artemis is the Olympian goddess of the hunt and twin sister to Apollo. She can help Melinoë mark enemies, which makes them far more susceptible to critical damage, and so with her boons on side, you can make light work of foes. She boasts perhaps one of the strongest DPS builds in both games.

hades 2 character Demeter


Demeter is the Olympian goddess of seasons, though is depicted as chilly and wrapped up in furs to keep her warm. In the original game, Demeter only appeared to Zagreus once he reached the surface, but in Hades 2 she will come to Melinoë’s aid almost from the beginning. She can now freeze enemies with her boons, which can make for some great crowd-control builds.

hades 2 character Hephaestus


Hephaestus is the Olympian god of the forge and makes his debut in Hades 2 after only being mentioned in passing by Zagreus in the original game. His boons inflict Vent on enemies, which deals damage over time. Fans of the game have celebrated Hades 2’s version of Hephaestus, with the god of craftsmanship depicted as an amputee in a perfectly forged chariot-style wheelchair.

hades 2 character Hera


Hera is the queen of Olympus and the goddess of marriage. She married Zeus after the war with the Titans and left her Heart-Seeking Bow for Zagreus to pick up. Now, she aids Melinoë in her fight against Chronos with her Hitch boons, which makes foes take damage when other afflicted enemies are attacked.

hades 2 character Hermes


Hermes is the messenger of the gods of Olympus, and this speedy little trickster has become a double agent in Hades 2. If it was going to be anyone, it was going to be Hermes. He managed to infiltrate Chronos’ army and uses this knowledge to help turn the tides and grant boons upon Melinoë.

hades 2 character Hestia


This fiery ol’ lady is the goddess of hearth and flame. She is Melinoë’s great-aunt and offers boons that scorch enemies with damage over time. This effect can stack, meaning Hestia can really help turn the tide in a fight.

hades 2 character Poseidon


The Olympian god of the sea and brother to Zeus, Poseidon is one of few gods that won’t appear to Melinoë in her very first run. But he does turn up pretty regularly after, and his new status curse, Slip, is a change from the previous Ruptured in the original Hades game. This effect now causes enemies to take more damage and get knocked back, which is helpful when Melinoë is dealing with wave after wave of bad guys.

hades 2 character Zeus


Everyone knows Zeus. Zeus knows that everyone knows. It’s Zeus. The king of Olympus and god of sky and thunder won’t show himself to Melinoë on her first run out of the Underworld but will appear after to offer some pretty hectic boons. His new status effect, Blitz, causes enemies to be hit with bolts of lightning after they take a certain amount of damage. What a spark of ingenuity.

hades 2 character Chronos


The big bad guy of Hades 2. Chronos is the titan of time and the one who kidnapped Melinoë’s father, Hades, to rule the Underworld in his place. Melinoë is tasked with stopping Chronos in his quest to wage war on Olympus and defeat all the gods within, and with the help of her powerful family, we know Chronos doesn’t stand a chance.

But there you have it, that’s every character that we’ve come across in Hades 2. We’ll make sure to keep this list up to date in case we stumble upon any other gods, nymphs, or otherworldly creatures on our travels with Melinoë. If you’re after even more roguelike goodness, check out our picks for the best roguelikes on Switch and mobile, as well as the best fighting games on Switch if you just wanna beat ‘em up.