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Harvestella’s Brakka shows what’s under his cloak

Harvestella's Brakka may seem stoic and cold, but what he's got going on under his cloak may just melt the snowy landscapes of Argene

Harvestella Brakka against a snowy scene in Argene

If you’re looking for love, Square Enix’s fresh farming RPG has plenty of suitable candidates, and Harvestella Brakka has certainly won the hearts of many. With his stoic attitude, sassy quips, and dark, tousled hair, Argene’s steadfast mercenary fits the emo tsundere archetype perfectly, dragging us all back to 2008 when Gerard Way and Brandon Urie were the hottest thing outside of a Lethe cooked breakfast.

If you’re a fellow Brakka enjoyer, then you may notice the room gets a little warmer at one point in the game. Namely, when Brakka sheds his heavy mercenary garb and shows us exactly what he’s got going on under the cloak.

You can take a peek at this spicy reveal in this Reddit post by user u/Fakebuttcheeks, showing Brakka’s arms and one shoulder bare as he wields his gun, allowing us a glimpse at the rest of his attire. We’re very pleased to say that this Harvestella husbando does, in fact, have cake – as user u/DirtyAngelToes says in the comments, ‘you could bounce a Grilla off those buns n’ thighs’.

Of course, we’re equal opportunities fanservice lovers here at PT, meaning we were just as excited to see the stunning Cres slip out of her large coat and show off that gorgeous, strappy dress during her early-game character quest. If an apple a day keeps that doctor away, we’re never eating another apple again.

Harvestella Cres in her strappy dress

Unfortunately, even if you choose Brakka or Cres as your life partners, you don’t get to see them slip into something more comfortable at any other point in the game (at least, as far as we’ve seen). But we suppose that makes these fleeting moments even more special – and we now have pictorial proof that Brakka’s got it going on under his cape.

If, like us, seeing Brakka or Cres’ shoulders gets you as excited as a Victorian gentleman seeing a flash of ankle, you should check out our Harvestella romance guide and go put a ring on it. Then, you can head over to our Harvestella crops and Harvestella cooking guides to whip up a romantic candlelight dinner for your new virtual boo.