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Harvestella cooking guide

You butter believe it, you can test your culinary skills in Harvestella, so it’s only right that we take a look at Harvestella cooking and what it entails

Harvestella cooking

There are plenty of exciting mechanics to explore in Square Enix’s RPG slash farming sim, including the ability to test your culinary prowess. So lettuce celebrate the diverse dished on offer in this Harvestella cooking guide, which explains how to prepare your tasty meals, as well as the effects and buffs they give you, so you can have an egg-cellent day next time you head into a dungeon.

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Anyway, let’s dive into some hearty Harvestella cooking.

Some food in Harvestella

Harvestella cooking

Harvestella cooking isn’t available from the beginning of the game as it is in many other titles. To start off with, you’re stuck nibbling on raw cabbages and waiting for Chez to send you a sandwich in the mail, which honestly is just no way to live.

In order to start cooking your own meals, the first thing you need to do is head to the renovator in Lethe and slap down a whopping 2k grilla to have him sort a kitchen counter for you. It takes one in-game day for him to finish renovating your kitchen, and he gives you a free mountain stir fry recipe to start you off. After that, you can purchase more recipes in town, or , if you’re lucky, unlock them as your out exploring.

When you’ve got a recipe, you can head to your countertop and check whether you’ve got the ingredients to make it. This counts all of your materials, both in your backpack and your storage box. When you have all the ingredients, you can hit the start cooking button to the bottom right, which also tells you how much time cooking the meal will take.

As with Harvestella crafting, you don’t have to sit and wait for your food to be done. Instead, the game skips ahead the amount of time required to cook the meal. Just be mindful that there are only so many hours in an in-game day.

Harvestella recipes

Harvestella recipes allow you to cook meals that help replenish satiety, stamina, and health, with many offering other bonuses, too. If your stomach is full, your stamina continues to replenish throughout the day. However, if your stomach is empty, your stamina doesn’t regenerate.

The other bonuses on offer can help you in many different ways, such as increasing your defence, attack, elemental resistances, and more. We’ll be sure to add a list of all the Harvestella recipes we find and their ingredients as we progress further in the game, but, in the meantime, happy snacking!

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