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Harvestella romance and all romance candidates

Don’t just pick up crops, pick up a life partner with this Harvestella romance guide, including all of the Harvestella romance candidates

Harvestella romance - Asyl among falling cherry blossoms

Though it may take a while to get there, Harvestella romance comes into play as a part of the endgame content, giving you plenty of time to get to know the romance candidates. With each of the bachelors and bachelorettes having their own unique personalities and events, there’s certainly someone for everyone, and settling down with your own partner is a perfect reward for saving the world.

So let’s take a look at all the Harvestella romance candidates, how to start your partnership, and what it all entails. If you want to whip up some nice meals for your new companion, check out our Harvestella cooking guide. Or, to get to work out in the field, head over to our Harvestella crops and Harvestella machines guides.

Harvestella romance and how to start a partnership

First and foremost, before you start thinking about romance and partnerships, you have to complete the main story of the game. You’re too busy to be settling down when there are cabbages to harvest and a world to save!

Harvestella romance - Cres friendship quests

You also need to complete all of the character stories for your chosen candidate to max out your friendship/intimacy meter. After this, you can start the partnership event with your chosen candidate. This sees the mayor visit you and give you the crafting recipe for a promised ring. However, heed his warning – you can only choose one person to give it to!

After you form a partnership with someone, they move onto your farm with you, and the two of you can engage in special dialogue and interactions. Any candidate you have max friendship with but don’t choose as your partner also has unique reactions and dialogue when you see them in passing.

You can read some lovely excerpts about Harvestella partnerships from translated reviews with Harvestella developers Furuya and Gao in this post by Reddit user u/VertVentus.

Harvestella romance - the player talking to Cres

Harvestella romance candidates

So far, these are the romance candidates we’ve found.

Cres – a doctor from Lethe village, Cres is the one who finds you and takes you in at the beginning of the game. She’s headstrong, dutiful, and intelligent, but hides a sense of sorrow due to the loss in her past

Aria – a scientist from the future, Aria is blunt and sometimes abrasive, but quickly becomes a firm friend to you as you embark on multiple adventures together

Asyl – a descendant of the Wind Readers, Asyl is a soldier in the Argus Brigade, protecting his home town, Nemea. He’s always willing to put his life on the line for others, and his honest, straightforward personality has earned him the trust and respect of his townspeople

Istina – a teacher at Nemea Orphanage, Istina is stoic and serious due to her dark past, but has a kind heart and deeply cares about others

Emo – a sweet and tender siren from Shatolla, Emo has a tragic past and has been through a lot, but continues to bring happiness and health to those around her with her wonderful singing

Heine – a charming and flirtatious mechanic from Shatolla, Heine is smart and ingenuitive, always coming up with a new invention. Plus, he looks a lot like Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle

Shrika – Shrika is a missionary from the Seaslight Order of Argene, who worship the Seaslights. She’s calm, collected, and responsible, with a strong sense of duty to her faith and a passion for helping others

Brakka – a young mercenary from the Holy Capital of Argene, Brakka is fierce and serious about his work, often keeping a cold wall around him. However, beneath his sharp quips and snarky comments, there’s a level of softness he doesn’t want others to see

Harvestell romance - the player sharing a meal with Aria, who says they work well together because they're both laid back

Currently, we know of two other characters who have friendship meters – Dianthus the Omen, and the Unicorn you meet in Higan Canyon. While it’s pretty unlikely you’ll be able to take a Unicorn as your life partner, many players are hoping Dianthus will turn out to be a romance candidate. We’ll update this guide if any new info comes to light.

And that’s all you need to know about Harvestella romance. Now you’ve got the tricky task of choosing just one of these cuties to be your life partner! If you’d like to know more about the people you meet along the way, check out our Harvestella characters guide. Or, if your love is for the battlefield instead, then take a look at our Harvestella jobs guide