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Harvestella crops, prices, and more

Time to put the harvest in Harvestella crops, with this full list of every crop, their seed and sell prices, and the Harvestella's best crops for each season

A field of Harvestella crops

Though it has more JRPG DNA in its blood than anything, Harvestella crops are still an important part of gameplay – it wouldn’t have ‘harvest’ in the name, if not. Whether you sell ‘em, process ‘em, or stick ‘em in a stew, you’d be wise to get to grips with the variety of voluptuous veggies and fantastic fruits you can grow. So let’s take a look at all the different crops on offer, their sell prices, and more, while we also tackle the tough task of answering what Harvestella’s best crops are.

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What are Harvestella crops?

As you may have guessed, Harvestella crops are plants and trees that you tend to on your farm. Each crop has set seasons in which it can grow, and several require special biomes in order to flourish. Most crops need watering every in-game day, and each of them take a specific amount of days to bear produce.

Some crops, like cucumbles, yield more than one item per harvest, and others stick around for a while, allowing you to harvest them multiple times. When Quietus comes around between seasons, all crops except trees, saplings, and shrubs die, and you start again with a fresh slate.

While the main game may focus more on the RPG features such as narrative and combat, farming is still an important part of Harvestella. Planting and harvesting crops not only nets you money when you ship them, but also allows you to produce animal feed, processed ingredients, and meals and drinks that offer stamina, health, and buffs. Becoming a savvy, well-equipped farmer takes some time and patience, but it’s certainly worthwhile.

Harvestella crops - the game introduction to farming mechanics

All Harvestella crops

Below, we list all the Harvestella crops we’ve come across in each location so far, along with their seed/sapling/shrub price, what seasons they grow in, and how much money they sell for. The sell prices are for one standard piece of produce from each crop. We’re still investigating the high-quality produce sell prices at the moment, but we’ll update this guide when we know more. For growth times, check the in-game description of the seeds or saplings.

You may notice that certain crops are listed in more than one location, with different seed costs attributed to them. That’s because these seeds appear in both the locations’ general good stores at different prices. So, if you want to buy some seeds as opposed to picking them up from dungeons or quest rewards, be sure to check that you’re going to the store selling them for the lowest price.

All information here is gathered from my personal playtime in the game, and backed up by the research of the extremely helpful and dedicated community over at r/Harvestella. A big shoutout goes to this post by u/Odeus1019, and this comprehensive spreadsheet by u/iArkeus, both of which helped me solidify my data.

Lethe Harvestella crops

All of the Lethe crops grow in the field, except curry herbs which require the cave biome.

Crop Seed cost Season Sell price
Carrop 105 Spring, summer 115
Cucumble 370 Spring 200
Curry herb 270 Spring, summer, fall 350
Dress lettuce 55 Spring, summer, fall 85
Grass 30 Spring, summer, fall 35
Grouply grape 2,000 Fall 85
Lantern pumpkin 1,800 Fall 3,750
Lumpotato 90 Fall, winter 120
Morrocorn 230 Summer, fall 400
Princess chestnut 2,200 Fall 60
Rainbow bean 180 Fall 40
Royal eggplant 780 Fall 480
Stellar wheat 40 Spring, summer, fall 55
Unionion 130 Spring, fall 195

Nemea Harvestella crops

All Nemea Harvestella crops grow in the field, except the nectarcane sapling, which only grows in the water biome.

Crop Seed cost Season Sell price
Carrop 95 Spring, summer 115
Nectarcane 370 Spring, summer, fall 250
Nemean tomato 170 Spring, summer 65
Strawbuddy 220 Spring 130
Tingle radish 390 Spring 530
Unionion 105 Spring, fall 195
Wisty peach 4,200 Spring 115

Shatolla Harvestella crops

The islet watermelon, lococonut, netarcane, and honey flower crops all require the water biome to grow. You can plant the rest of the crops in your field.

Crop Seed cost Season Sell price
Bellhop 560 Summer 45
Honey flower 380 Spring, summer, fall 795
Iset watermelon 2,500 Summer 4,600
Lococonut 3,200 Spring, summer, fall 35
Morrocorn 200 Summer, fall 400
Nectarcane 370 Spring, summer, fall 310
Numblemon 2,200 Summer 95
Seatide garlic 650 Summer 1,000
Shatollan paprika 250 Summer 110

Argene Harvestella crops

You can only grow sudor peppers, revol peppers, and curry herbs in the cave biome. You can plant the rest in the field.

Crop Seed cost Season Sell price
Argene cabbage 220 Winter 320
Chilly plant 800 Winter 1,300
Curry herb 240 Spring, summer, fall 350
Lumpotato 80 Fall, winter 120
Revol pepper 560 Spring, summer, fall 265
Snowcap mikan 2,300 Winter 65
Sudor pepper 400 Spring, summer, fall 250

A player watering their Harvestella crops

Harvestella best crops

Working out which is the best Harvestella crop is subjective based on what you’re looking for, and how much you want to invest into farming. If you’re after pure profit, there are a few things to take into consideration. Naturally, some crops sell for more grilla than others, but they can also take many days to grow or, in the case of tree saplings, take up more room on your farm.

Through scouring Reddit and playing the game myself, I’ve found that, so far, these are some of the most profitable crop hustles per season. There are likely plenty of others, so hit us up on the official Pocket Tactics Twitter if you know any gooduns!


  • Wheat and dress lettuce – seeds for these are cheap and readily available, and turn a great profit when turned into picnic sandwiches, making them great early-game crops. However, to cook the sandwiches you need the kitchen counter, and each sandwich takes valuable in-game time to make
  • Cucumbles – the best of the spring crops by a large margin, especially if you manage to find or earn seeds as opposed to buying them. The plant takes four days to initially grow, the three days between each harvest. This means you get a total of six cucumbles per plant, selling at 200 grilla each – over time, that’s 1,200 grilla per plant


  • Islet watermelon – as much as its long growth time (12 days!) and water biome requirement is a bit of a turn-off initially, islet watermelons offer a massive profit. Even if you buy the seeds at 2,500 grilla, you still earn over 1k in profit a piece, so you should cherish any watermelon seeds that you snag for free
  • Moroccorn – with a short, four-day growth time, morrocorn has a quicker turnover rate and, if you can purchase the seeds from Shatolla as opposed to Lethe, doubles the money you invest into them (200 grilla seed, 400 grilla per crop)
  • Seatide garlic – though it has a six-day growth time, seatide garlic nets you a profit of 350 grilla if you buy the seeds, or 1k grilla straight in the pocket if you find the seeds for free


  • Lantern pumpkin – like in Disney Dreamlight Valley, pumpkins are king in Harvestella’s fall. If you purchase a seed for 1,800 grilla, you get a whopping 1950 grilla profit in 11 days’ time, or 3,750 grilla if you find a free seed while out and about
  • Moroccorn – just as handy in fall as it is summer (see above)


  • Chilly plant – crop options are pretty limited in winter, and I’ve not fully explored them yet. However, you can buy a chilly plant seed for 800 grilla, and turn a 500 grilla profit after seven days by selling it for 1,300 grilla

That’s all we’ve got on the Harvestella crops so far, but we’ll be sure to update this guide as we crunch more numbers and sell more produce. Next stop, investigating juice and cooking vs raw produce profits! In the meantime, be sure to check out our Harvestella romance guide to see who you can woo with your extensive knowledge of crop rotations.