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Square Enix embraces inclusivity with Harvestella non-binary option

In the demo for Square Enix’s upcoming Switch game, you can see that there’s a Harvestella non binary option, so all players can feel safe and included

Harvestella key art that depicts two characters

If there’s one thing we’re all for at Pocket Tactics, it’s inclusivity and equality. Everybody deserves common decency and respect. For some, the Harvestella non-binary option is insignificant, but for others, it’s a cause for celebration, and we’re firmly in the celebration camp. The joy fans are demonstrating is infectious, and we can’t help but smile as they rejoice.

You see, we know about the Harvestella non-binary option thanks to the new Harvestella demo, which hit the Switch shortly after the September 2022 Nintendo Direct. At the start of the short gameplay experience, you get to choose your gender, of which you can select Female, Male, and non-binary – because yes, everyone has a right to be their authentic self, and that goes for farming life sim videogames, too.

Yes, you have some people on the internet that want to tear this down, but we’re only here for those that are keen to share their positive thoughts. For instance, one look at Resetera shows how happy people are with the inclusion of a Harvestella non-binary option. For example, user Ashes of Dreams says it’s “super cool to see. Little things like this go a long way to making people feel comfortable.”

Then, in the comment section of a tweet from Twitter user @gunbreakmyheart, you can see even more support for the representation Square Enix is keen to include in its game. In fact, one commenter, @BigBrikHenry says, “as someone with a nonbinary partner, this is always nice to see,” despite the fact that they have no interest in the game itself.

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Whether you identify as female, male, or non-binary, it’s clear that the world of Harvestella welcomes you, so if you want to learn more about this farming life sim, make sure you check out our Harvestella fishing, Harvestella cooking, and Harvestella romance guides.