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My colleagues’ gaming ‘hear me out’s have me questioning everything

Having a crush on a fictional character is a rite of passage, but some of these gaming ‘hear me outs’ have sent the Pocket Tactics office into chaos.

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Listen, we’re only human. Video games are fantasy stories we get to live out in our own way, with a whole host of different characters we get to connect with, all with deep backstories, devastating trauma, silly little jokes and memes, and romance options a-plenty. But with this level of engagement that no other entertainment industry can come close to, the gaming world has descended into a conversation that would mentally scar anyone who hasn’t had to flirt with a bunch of pixels before.

The Pocket Tactics office has fallen into the well of debauchery this afternoon when we spotted Reddit user WittyYam98 asking the community who their wildest ‘hear me out’ is. Now, a true ‘hear me out’ is a character you can have a ridiculous crush on, despite them being conventionally unattractive, not at all human in any way, shape, or form, or just a terrible, terrible person. The wilder, the better.

The thread goes into some, well, pretty questionable choices, and that had us at Pocket Tactics talking, in-depth, about our own gaming ‘hear me outs’. We’ll be taking no questions or judgment, this is a safe space.

Now, we’re coming in really strong with the first dishonorable mention. But Mara from Persona is, without doubt, one of the wildest ‘hear me out’ takes we’ve heard in a long while. Although in saying that, we also have to hold our hands up and say “you know what, yeah, I suppose you’re right”. Mara is a Persona of the Tower Arcana, whose body is perhaps the most obviously, ahem, phallic on our list of ‘hear me out’s and so he does, unfortunately, make the top spot to our discussion. I mean, just look at him.

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Another crispy hot take from the Pocket Tactics office, and an entry that’s relatively new on the scene, is Abramar from The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood. The many hands are an obvious bonus, and that third eye just stares right into our soul, okay!? He’s also super cool, and we’d like to remind you this is a judgment-free zone. One of the most questionable ‘hear me out’s that we’ve seen for months now, is Withers from Baldur’s Gate 3. He’s a musty old skelly who probably smells terrible, plus he can be ever so condescending, and yet… Maybe it’s the air of the all-knowing about him.

Some fairly standard ones appeared in both the Pocket Tactics office chat and on the previously mentioned Reddit post, including Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill games, Ramattra from Overwatch 2, and Cullen Rutherford from Dragon Age, plus we’ve seen a resurgence of love for John Hancock after the new Fallout television show premiered (understandable, he’s very suave).

But we did spot a really very concerning comment regarding Mordekaiser from League of Legends. It’s literally just a giant suit of armor. A sentient suit of armor that could, and probably would, step on you. Oh, wait… Okay, no, we get it now. As you were.

meme of marge simpson saying she things they're near, with a bunch of hear me out characters in her hand

As a final reminder, no judgment. Whoever floats your boat, whether that’s GlaDOS from Portal or the Unknown from Dead By Daylight, this is a place of understanding and safely practiced debauchery. Crush on whomsoever you please, nothing will be as outlandish as choosing Mara from Persona, there I said it.

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