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The pegasus takes flight for Hearthstone’s 10th anniversary

Hearthstone’s 10th anniversary arrives with a ton of game-changing shake-ups, including new and returning cards, game modes, and more.

Hearthstone 10th anniversary: Harth Stonebrew, the innkeeper, flanked by a Fiery Hearthsteed and the 10th anniversary card back, all pasted on a blurred graphic from the patch notes

We can’t believe it’s already time to celebrate Hearthstone’s 10th anniversary as Blizzard’s Warcract-themed mobile CCG continues to guide and shape the direction of the genre. This anniversary also marks the changing of the year, a new core set rotation, and plenty of special surprises.

Described as a “year-long celebration of Hearthstone’s past and future,” 2024 is officially named the Year of the Pegasus and marks a decade of this game’s influence on the mobile gaming sphere on March 11. Every new year brings an update to Hearthstone’s core set, and this year’s rotation looks to shake things up completely, bringing back iconic cards like Leeroy Jenkins and Fiery War Axe, adjusting aspects of class identity like Druid’s ramp mechanic, and reducing some of Death Knight’s rune requirements.

Starting today, February 13, you can get the free legendary card Harth Stonebrew just by logging in. This is the first time in Hearthstone’s decade-long history that the innkeeper himself has appeared on a playable card. His powerful battlecry replaces your hand with one from an iconic Hearthstone deck of the past. Harth Stonebrew is just one of 12 special login rewards to celebrate the anniversary as Blizzard introduces 11 new class-specific spells as well.

The celebrations are set to continue for weeks to come, as March’s Twist format starts from Legacy mode and adds one expansion day by day, taking you on a whistlestop tour of Hearthstone’s history. March 11 also sees the release of the first of three Music from the Tavern OST albums and Hearthstone community day, a day filled with Twitch drops from your favorite content creators.

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We’re also getting a crossover between Hearthstone and Blizzard’s mobile RTS, as Gnomelia, SAFE Pilot from the top of our Warcraft Rumble tier list gets her own card, alongside the Warsong Grunt, Night Elf Huntress, and Footman. WoW fans can also look forward to unlocking an exclusive Fiery Hearthsteed mount and playing Hearthstone matches in the game’s capital cities.

That’s everything we know so far about Hearthstone’s 10th anniversary, but we’re certain there’s more to come. While you’re here, check out our Hearthstone interview to learn more about the 11th class, Death Knight, or browse our list of the best mobile card games to find out what to play next.