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Hearthstone Mercenaries tier list - all the best cards ranked

Our Hearthstone Mercenaries tier list has all you need to find your fighter, pin down your protector, and come to a decision on your caster

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Hearthstone Mercenaries is a popular spin-off of Blizzard’s card game, with new and old characters returning for the hunt. The fresh Heartstone Mercenaries format differs quite a bit from the classic game mode, with an emphasis on individual cards over meticulously crafted decks. However, with so many characters to choose from, it can be a little confusing for players new to the format.

In our Hearthstone Mercenaries tier list we’ve ranked all the most battle-hardened contenders from champions to chumps, so you can try out this alternative game mode with confidence that you’ve got the right character for the job. The Hearthstone Mercenaries format is slightly different to the classic game, and it’s more important than ever that your star card can carry you through battles, so you need to choose your champion carefully. 

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Hearthstone Mercenaries tier list 

Tier Mercenary
S Xyrella, Thrall, Blademaster Samuro, Vol’jin
A The Lich King, Varden Dawngrasp, Jaina Proudmoore, Cairne Bloodhoof, Ragnaros, Antonidas, Diablo, Baron Geddon, Sylvanas Windrunner, 
B Natalie Seline, Rexxar, Blink Fox, Malfurion Stormrage, Gruul, Tamsin Roame, Prophet Velen, Alexstrasza, Baron Geddon, 
C Guff Runetotem, Bru’kan, Anduin Wrynn, King Mukla, King Krush, Mannoroth, Varian Wrynn, Saurfang, War Master Voone, Uther, Kurtrus Ashfallen
D Brightwing, Rathorian,Mutanus, Illidan Stormrage, Morgl the Oracle, Old Murk-Eye, Lord Jaraxxus, Gul’dan, Garrosh Hellscream, Tirion Fordring, Scabbs Cutterbutter, Lady Anacondra, Tyrande, Grommash Hellscream, Cariel Roame, Rokara, Cornelius Roame, Millhouse Manastorm

As you can see, there’s only a handful of characters vying for the top spot on our Hearthstone Mercenaries tier list, with many more contenders finding themselves in the lower ranks. Due to regular updates to the game, the tier list is constantly shifting and shuffling, so be sure to bookmark this page for all the freshest rankings. Keep reading for breakdowns of all the characters from the S tier down to C. 

Playing field from Hearthstone Mercenaries

S Tier Hearthstone Mercenaries

Mercenary Role Tribe  Rarity
Xyrella Caster Draenei Rare
Thrall Protector Orc Legendary
Blademaster Samuro Fighter Orc Rare
Vol’jin Caster Troll Epic 

A Tier Hearthstone Mercenaries 

Mercenary Role Tribe  Rarity
The Lich King,  Protector Undead Legendary 
Varden Dawngrasp Caster Blood elf Rare
Jaina Proudmoore Caster Human Legendary 
Cairne Bloodhoof Protector  Tauren Epic
Ragnaros Protector  Elemental Legendary
Antonidas Caster Human Epic 
Diablo Fighter Demon Legendary 
Sylvanas Windrunner Fighter Undead  Legendary 

Another example of Hearthstone playing field

B tier Hearthstone Mercenaries 

Mercenary Role Tribe  Rarity
Natalie Seline Caster Human Epic 
Rexxar Fighter Half-orc Legendary 
Blink Fox Caster Beast Rare
Malfurion Stormrage Protector Night elf Legendary
Gruul Protector None Epic 
Tamsin Roame Caster Undead Rare
Prophet Velen Caster Draenei Epic 
Alexstrasza Protector Dragon Legendary
Baron Geddon Caster Elemental Epic 

C tier Hearthstone Mercenaries 

Mercenary Role Tribe  Rarity
Guff Runetotem,  Caster Tauren Epic
Kurtrus Ashfallen Protector Night elf Rare
Uther Caster Human Legendary
War Master Voone Fighter Troll  Epic 
Saurfang Fighter Orc Epic 
Varian Wrynn Protector Human Epic 
Mannoroth Protector Demon Epic 
King Krush Fighter Beast Epic 
King Mukla Protector Beast Epic
Anduin Wrynn Caster Human Legendary

With that, you should know which of the characters best fits your preferred playstyle in our Hearthstone Mercenaries tier list. To get back to the familiar formats of deck building and duelling, be sure to check out our picks for the best mobile card games