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A flowery new area sprouts in Hello Kitty Island Adventure this spring

Hello Kitty Island Adventure’s spring-themed update expands the story, island, and cast of characters we can meet.

Two characters wearing new clothing coming to the Hello Kitty Island Adventure update

This spring, Hello Kitty Island Adventure gets a very seasonal and substantial update, bringing in a new character, an area to explore, and a continuation of the story – and more!

Sunblink bring the fifth content update to the cozy, cute, Sanrio-theme game soon, adding more wholesome vibes to the Apple Arcade game. The update is 1.5 and called Merry Meadow.

Merry Meadow is the name of the new area, not just the update, and it’s filled with fresh fields and room for a dream garden. Extra tools are coming to help us cultivate the land while we decorate cute cottages and plant flowers using the new planting system, where you can breed special varieties to place on the island.

We’re getting a new friend on the island, and it’s the adorable Wish me mell. That’s what the last hint we got was about – she’s French, and we were told to say ‘bonjour’ to someone.

There’s also an event, the Springtime Celebration event, to ring in the new season. Starting on March 2 and running until April 14, you, Hello Kitty, and all the Sanrio friends must collect petals as you venture across the island. You then exchange these for decor with a distinct cherry blossom and Japanese feel. You can also get a kimono to wear!

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Of course, this all helps to usher in the next chapter of the story, where adventure awaits you on the Icy Peak mountain. The Island Spirit needs your help, and you must enlist the help of friends old and new.

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