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Hello Kitty Island Adventure gifts

Use our handy guide to all the Hello Kitty Island Adventure gifts to make sure you’re the best of friends with every Sanrio character on the island.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure gifts: Hello Kitty waving at the camera on a plane

Not sure how to improve your relationships with your Sanrio friends? Look no further – these Hello Kitty Island Adventure gifts ensure you can grow your friendship with the entire cast from Chococat, to Kuromi, to Hello Kitty herself. By raising friendships with your neighbors, not only do you feel warm and fuzzy inside, but it opens up access to more quests and story options.

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Let’s roll into our Hello Kitty Island Adventure gifts guide.

What are the best Hello Kitty Island Adventure gifts to give?

Each character you meet has different preferences for which gifts they receive, you can find all of the information you need in our handy table below.

Character Gifts
Badtz-Maru Water balloons, pizza (especially pineapple pizza), tropical bugs, coconuts
Big Challenges The Greatest Challenge, Meditations on Resilience, books, fumefly, tigersnoot, stampeedle
Chococat Chocolate, inventions, books, mechanical items, ancient inventions, Swampy music box, Volcanic music box
Cinnamoroll Chocolate, coffee, hot chocolate, chocolate pineapple pudding
Hangyodon Fish, books, underwater items, fabric, starfish
Hello Kitty Mama’s apple pie, strawberry shortcake, desserts, fruits, fancy items
Keroppi Swamp bugs, lily frogs, phantom flutterby, glowbuddies, woodblocks
Kiki Art supplies, frappes, stars, Starry Skies shake, clouds, starfruit
Kuromi Jack-O-Lanterns, pumpkins, pumpkin pie, Halloween items
Lala Cheesy food, pizza, cloud items, cheesecake
My Melody Dreamy items, swampmallows, strawberries, macarons, candy cloud, sweets
Pekkle Musical instruments, music boxes, calming crystals, mountain bugs
Pochacco Tofu, sports items, spinip, veggie food
Pompompurin Crystals, frozen desserts, milk, pudding, dessert pizza
Retsuko Ingots, magma blooms, music boxes, toasted almonds, toasty pizza
Tuxedosam Tropical gifts, fancy items, tropical bugs, coconuts
TOPHAT The Future of Everything, computer, books, crystal decorations, swampy gift, aquatic gifts, dreamy gifts
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How do I get Hello Kitty Island Adventure gifts?

Most gifts are found in different biomes, like around the beach or in the mountains. Fish, of course, come from fishing, and you can grab critters in a net, or pluck berries and flowers from bushes on the ground. For a rundown of where to find all the bugs check out our Hello Kitty Island Adventure critter list locations guide.

You can craft some of the bigger gifts at Chcoocat’s crafting table, which often require blueprints that you get as rewards for improving your friendship with different characters. You can give up to three gifts a day, so get hunting and start gifting!

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