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Hollow Knight Hornet guide

Learn everything about Hollow Knight Hornet ahead of Hollow Knight Silksong, and discover everything you need to know about the mysterious antagonist.

Hornet from Hollow Knight is visible above a screenshot of the game

If you want to find out everything you need to know about the Hollow Knight Hornet, we’ve got it all in this guide. Showing up early in Hollow Knight – as a boss fight and later as a friend of sorts – Hollow Knight’s Hornet is a crucial character to the story and one that we will learn much more about in the upcoming sequel Hollow Knight: Silksong.

While we haven’t seen too much about Hollow Knight: Silksong yet, or the Hollow Knight: Silksong release date, we do know it will dive much further into the story of Hornet, as they explore the land of Pharloom. Silksong will also play host to a swarm of new bug bosses, so you’d better get honing your skills.

How do I beat Greenpath Hollow Knight Hornet?

Players face Hornet twice in Hollow Knight, with the first fight being very early on in Greenpath, on the west side of the area near the Stag Station. In this first fight, Hornet uses a very simple pattern of attacks. The main issue is that they are quick, and take up lots of space, especially as Hornet throws her weapon Needle across the room. Here is each unique attack, so you know what you’re up against.

Hornet throws her needle around in a wide attack

First, Hornet jumps into the air and throws the needle and thread around wildly while remaining in mid-air. This AOE attack takes up a lot of the screen, but it’s not worth going near her during this attack, especially when you’re so early in your adventure. But if you’re quick you can get a strike in when she lands.

The second attack is a diagonal slash, indicated by Hornet hopping backwards towards one side of the room. If you time it right, this is a great chance to get in an attack as she lands, especially if you jump to where she is heading and unleash an attack from above.

Hornet attacks by throwing her needle sideways

The next attack is a ground slash, similar to the diagonal slash, but… on the ground, obviously. This one is also fairly easy to dodge, and a great chance to attack from above if you time it right.

The final attack has Hornet throw her needle all the way across the room, before pulling it back like a boomerang. This one is difficult to get the timing right, especially as you may get caught by the returning needle as you try to land a sideways slash.

The Knight bends down to inspect a body

If you get a few hits on Hornet she will be stunned, and stay motionless for a few moments. While this can be a great time to get in a few hits, only do this if you have full health, otherwise use the time to heal as it’s the only chance you get. Beating her and inspecting the body in the room awards you the Mothwing Cloak, an essential piece of equipment that makes traversal much easier.

How do I beat Hollow Knight’s Hornet the second time?

Luckily, Hornet uses a lot of the same moves the second time you face her, but with a few key differences. The same four main attacks remain, but the AOE attack is a little bit larger, she moves a bit quicker and stops for less time when stunned. The easiest way to recover health is by dashing to the far side of the room when Hornet throws her needle, providing you have enough space to avoid the attack.

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Later, Hornet throws spiked balls, which are a huge pain to avoid. Take the time to attack these with your nail when you’re near them, as you need all the movement you can get. It’s also worth making sure you upgrade the nail before this fight. Otherwise, it takes a lot of attacks to finally beat her. This is a tough fight that requires some patience, but just remember to play cautiously and get in smaller hits where you can.

That’s our guide to Hollow Knight Hornet and her boss fights, though if you need a bit more help then check out our Hollow Knight charms guide to make sure you have the right tools for the job, and once you’re prepared, you can take on all the other Hollow Knight bosses while you’re at it.