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A Honkai Impact 3rd Promare collab is coming to Hoyo’s ARPG

Honkai Impact 3rd is teaming up with Promare to bring themed outfits to Hoyoverse’s mobile title, along with new stories and events in the latest update.

Honkai Impact 3rd Promare: Official art of Kiana and Ai in their Promare crossover outfits

To make the end of summer more exciting, we’ve got the scoop on the latest Honkai Impact update and Promare collab coming soon to the game. The new story and events look mighty fine, but we’re excited to see where the latest unit lands in our Honkai Impact tier list.

The new version titled Cutting Dreams at Dawn, debuts in Honkai Impact 3rd on September 14, 2023, on all platforms. You can get a new unit – Sirin the Miracle Magical Girl – hailing from an alternate universe during the new update too. She’s a mech-type, fire user, wielding a chakram to deal plenty of damage on the field.

Honkai Impact’s crossover with Promare, the hit anime movie, brings two outfits into the game focused on Galo and Lio, two iconic characters in Promare. Not only that but there’s a limited-time event to jump into where you must flip cards in a sort of bingo setting to win stigma and some cool prizes.

The first outfit, designed with Galo’s look in mind, is for Ai’s Chrono Navi. It’s called Burning Rescue Soul and has red accents with a mecha influence, too, from Galo’s firefighter role. The second, Born in Flames, is for Herrscher of Flamescion. This is a punky outfit featuring a cape and flames – what’s not to love there?

You can get both outfits in the outfit shop, where they have a limited-time discount during the crossover event with Promare. For some more in-game goodies, we’ve got Honkai Impact codes ready for you.

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