The allure of the Honkai Star Rail trash cans

Fans have discovered some mysteries hidden in the stinky depths of Honkai Star Rail trash cans, and may have caught a whiff of a secret character

March 7th standing by two Honkai Star Rail trash cans with the trash can profile pic and trash items around her

When delving into the bountiful lore of Honkai Star Rail, trash cans are the last place you’d think to look. But since the beta launched, fans have made some truly intriguing discoveries in the depths of these deceptively alluring receptacles, all of which add a new meaning to the phrase ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

So, where did this all begin? Well, when exploring a new world, I’m sure we’re all guilty of poking our noses around anything that has that telltale sparkle informing us that it can be interacted with. And beyond the treasure chests, boxes of goodies, and mailboxes that you can sniff around, Honkai Star Rail’s trash cans also lure you in with this shiny prompt.

In both the second Honkai Star Rail beta and the most recent final beta, several players (ourselves included) couldn’t help investigating the soft, tender, smooth, unconstrained, and tactile surface of these illustrious, shining cans, and we soon found ourselves pulled into the enthralling tale of the elusive Garbage King.

What do we know about the Honkai Star Rail trash cans?

As seen in the video below from Roonco SP on Youtube, after sniffing around the Honkai Star Rail trash cans a couple of times, things get weird fast. Even if we overlook the bizarrely seductive allure of the ‘world’s most beautiful garbage can’, there are still plenty of questions swirling around our minds.

YouTube Thumbnail

Who is Tatalov? What is Belobog Sausage? Who was that mysterious letter intended for? And, above all, who is the mysterious Honkai Star Rail Garbage King? With his firm assertion that we crossed the line by sniffing around his cans, part of me hopes we never find out.

However, the truth, like the sweet, alluring, golden glow of a trash can, is hard to resist. After all, if you want to know a city, just take a peek through its garbage – and at least you can dig out some credits while you’re down there.

How do I get the Honkai Star Rail trash can profile picture?

On your quest to understand the trash cans of Belobog, you might just find yourself sporting a brand new profile picture – an illustrious, thoughtful trash can, sparkling as it raises a thumb in approval. You earn this profile picture by, surprise surprise, interacting with the trash cans and taking a peek into their mysterious world.

Honkai Star Rail trash can pfp

What are the Honkai Star Rail trash consumables?

While interacting with the trash cans, you can also find several interesting consumables – such as trash, which decreases your character’s HP, pleasant-looking trash, which instantly recovers four technique points for your team, and even a fancy trash can item that increases your team’s defence in the next battle. So be sure to check your consumables inventory after your next interaction with those beautiful cans!

That’s everything we know about the mysterious allure of the Honkai Star Rail trash cans at the moment. Keep an eye on our Honkai Star Rail character guide – who knows, you might find the Garbage King in there amongst Honkai Star Rail’s Dan Heng and Honkai Star Rail’s March 7th one day.