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Honkai Star Rail March 7th build

Our Honkai Star Rail March 7th build gives you the lowdown on the four-star ice character's ascension materials, best light cones, relics, attacks, and more.

Honkai Star Rail March 7th with a crown on her head and a fork full of cake in front of her

Honkai Star Rail’s March 7th plays an important role in the game’s narrative, joining you on your missions as one of the main Trailblazers. As a four-star ice Preservation character, she can also play an important role in many teams, too – shielding her allies from danger and freezing her enemies to give you an edge in battle. So let’s take a look at our best March 7th build, featuring her best light cones, relics, and more.

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Now, strike a pose, as we give you the full picture in our Honkai Star Rail’s March 7th build guide.

What’s the best Honkai Star Rail March 7th build?

Best light cone Day One of My New Life
Light cone substitute
  • Trend of the Universal Market
  • This Is Me!
  • Amber (S5)
Best relic set Knight of Purity Palace
Best planar ornament set
  • Belobog of the Architects
  • Fleet of the Ageless
Main stats Body: effect hit rate
Feet: speed
Planar Sphere: defense %
Link rope: defense % or energy regen
  • Defense %
  • Speed
  • Effect hit rate
  • HP%

As March 7th is a Preservation character who fits the tank role, her best light cone is Day One of My New Life. Her best relic set is Knight of Purity Palace, and her best planar ornament sets are Belobog of the Artifacts or Fleet of the Ageless.

When building March 7th, we recommend focusing on defense, with some speed and effect hit rate mixed in. You can also go for an energy regen link rope if you feel she’s not getting her ultimate up fast enough.

In terms of skill priorities, we recommend focusing on her skill, then her ultimate, followed by her talent and her basic attack. In terms of traces, you should go for purify first to cleanse those annoying debuffs, then level up ice spell and reinforce.

How to use March 7th

March 7th is a four-star bow-wielder who attacks with the power of ice. She treads the path of the Preservation, and her multi-target attacks and ability to shield an ally make her a great fit for a support/sub-DPS hybrid role. She also offers great utility through her ability to freeze her enemies, allowing you to strike them down while keeping yourself safe.

When in battle, we recommend that you use her skill to shield your DPS wherever possible or to deflect some of the damage if an enemy targets a specific ally.

Aside from that, feel free to use her basic attack and ultimate as frequently as possible, especially when you’re facing an enemy that’s weak to ice, in order to increase your chances of freezing your opponents.

When exploring, her ranged technique makes her particularly good at engaging battles without being detected, it also has a chance to freeze enemies weak to ice, allowing you to start the fight with the upper hand. The wide AoE of her ultimate is also very handy for freezing an entire enemy team to give you a moment’s respite.

Unfortunately, her personal damage isn’t the best, and her shield is easily outshone by powerful Preservation characters like Gepard – but we all know what it’s like trying to get a five-star character. She is still a pretty valuable utility character to support your main DPS, especially earlier on in your journey, due to both her handy follow-up attacks and the fact that you get her for free as soon as you start. Plus, as you further level up her traces, she can also cleanse any allies she shields of debuffs.

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What are the best light cones for March 7th?

March 7th’s best light cone is ‘Day One of My New Life’, which is brilliant for tank builds due to its defense boost and team-wide damage rest buff. Alternatively, Trend of the Universal Market is a strong option, followed closely by This Is Me!

Finally, if you’re looking for a more accessible option, the three-star light cone Amber at S5 is a good choice.

Light cone Effect How to obtain
Day One of My New Life Increases the wearer’s defense by 16%, and the damage resistance of all allies by 8%. Effects of the same type cannot stack Gacha
Trend of the Universal Market Increases the wearer’s defense by 16%. When an enemy attacks the wearer, there’s a 100% base chance to burn the enemy. For each turn, the wearer deals DoT that is equal to 40% of their defense Gacha
This Is Me! Increases the wearer’s defense by 12%. Additionally, increases the wearer’s damage when they use their ultimate by 50% of their defense. This effect can only apply one time per enemy target Gacha
Amber Increases the wearer’s defense by 16%. If the wearer’s current HP is lower than 50%, their defense increases by a further 16% Gacha

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What are the best relics for March 7th?

You can equip March 7th with a total of six relics – four from the normal sets, and two from the Simulated Universe sets. In terms of four-piece sets, Guard of Wuthering Snow is a great choice for boosting her defensive and survivability skills. Alternatively, Knight of Purity Palace is useful if you want to boost her shields.

When it comes to the Simulated Universe sets, it really depends on how far into the game mode you’ve got, and what kind of build you want for March 7th. Fleet of the Ageless is a great option for earlier in the game that boosts her HP and provides a team-wide buff. If you’re leaning into her defensive capabilities, we recommend grinding for Belobog of the Architects to make the most of her shields.

Relic set Effect How to obtain
Knight of Purity Palace Two equipped: Increases defense by 15%
Four equipped: 
When March 7th creates a shield, it can absorb an additional 20% max damage
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Holy Hymn in the Xianzhou Luofu’s Cloudford
Guard of Wuthering Snow Two equipped: Reduces damage taken by 8%
Four equipped: 
At the beginning of the turn, if March 7th’s HP is equal to or less than 50% of her max HP, she restores HP equal to 8% of her max HP and regenerates five energy
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Providence in Jarilo-VI’s Everwinter Hill

Planar ornaments

Relics Effects How to obtain
Belobog of the Architects Two equipped: increases March 7th’s defense by 15%. When March 7th’s effect hit rate is 50% or higher, she gains an extra 15% defense Immersion Reward devices in World 6 of the Simulated Universe
Fleet of the Ageless Two equipped: increases March 7th’s max HP by 12%. When her speed reaches 120 or higher, all allies’ attack increases by 8% Immersion Reward Devices in World 3 of the Simulated Universe

Relic stat recommendations

When you’re picking relics for March 7th, we recommend prioritizing the following stats.

Main stats:

  • Feet: defense
  • Neck: defense
  • Article: defense


  • Defense
  • Speed
  • HP

Honkai Star Rail March 7th smiling

What are Honkai Star Rail’s March 7th abilities?

Here are all of March 7th’s attacks and skills.

Active skills:

Skill Effect
Basic attack: Frigid Cold Arrow Deals ice damage equal to 50% of her attack to one enemy
Skill: The Power of Cuteness Provides a shield for the target ally that absorbs damage equal to 48% or March 7th’s defense plus 160 for three turns. If the ally has 30% or more HP, greatly increases the chance of enemies attacking the shielded ally
Ultimate: Glacial Cascade Deal ice damage equal to 90% of March 7th’s attack to all enemies. On hit, the enemy has 50% base chance to be frozen for one turn. Frozen means that foes can’t move and take 30% of March 7th’s attack as ice damage at the start of each turn


Skill Effect
Girl Power When a shielded ally is hit, March counters with an ice attack that deals damage equal to 50% of her attack. It has a 20% chance to inflict frozen on the enemy for one turn. This can trigger two times per turn


Technique Effect
Freezing Beauty Immediately attack the enemy. As soon as you enter battle, you have a 100% base chance to freeze a random enemy for one turn. While frozen, the enemy can’t move and takes ice damage equal to 50% of March 7th’s attack at the beginning of each turn


Traces Effect
Purify March 7th’s skill removes one debuff from the target
Reinforce The duration of the shield granted by March 7th’s skill lasts for one more turn
Ice Spell Increases Glacial Cascade’s chance to freeze enemies by 15%

What are March 7th eidolons?

Eidolons seem to work in the same way as Genshin Impact’s constellation system. You need to receive a duplicate of the character whose eidolon you want to power up via a warp.

Eidolon Effect
E1: Memory of You Every time she freezes a target she regains six energy
E2: Memory of It Upon entering battle the ally with the lowest HP % gains a shield equal to 24% of her defense plus 320 for three turns
E3: Memory of Everything Increases the level of March 7th’s ultimate by two (to a maximum of level 15), and her basic attack by one (up to a maximum of level ten)
E4: Never Forfeit Again You can trigger her talent’s counter-effect one more time each turn. The damage dealt by the counter increases by 30% of her defense
E5: Never Forget again Increases the level of March 7th’s skill and talent by two (to a maximum of level 15)
E6: Just Like This, Always… Allies under the protection of March’s shield restore HP equal to 4% of their max HP plus 106 at the start of each round

What are Honkai Star Rail March 7th’s ascension materials?

You can use character EXP materials to ascend March 7th all the way to level 80, but you need to dish out an additional selection of specific materials to increase her ascension rank at certain levels. Here are all the materials you need for each ascension rank.

You can get the thief’s instinct and its higher-level counterparts, usurper’s scheme and conqueror’s will, from voidranger enemies, assignment rewards, the ember exchange shop, or by exchanging materials in the omni-synthesizer. For the horn of snow, you need to take on the Honkai Star Rail stagnant shadow in Jarilo-VI’s corridor of fading echoes.

Required level Credits Materials
20 2.3k Four thief’s instinct
30 6.4k Eight thief’s instinct
40 12.8k Two horn of snow and five usurper’s scheme
50 32k Five horn of snow and eight usurper’s scheme
60 64k 15 horn of snow and five conqueror’s will
70 128k 28 horn of snow and seven conqueror’s will

That’s it for our Honkai Star Rail March 7th build guide. If you fancy a trip back to Teyvat, be sure to check out our Genshin Impact tier list, Genshin Impact codes, Genshin Impact events, and Genshin Impact banner guides on the way.