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Immortals Fenyx Rising guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Make sure you know everything about combat, skills, and upgrades with our Immortals Fenyx Rising guide

Fenyx battles a cyclops

Ubisoft’s humorous take on Greek mythology releases later this week, and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about Immortals Fenyx Rising. When you’re first shipwrecked on the Golden Isles, everything can be a bit overwhelming. You’re immediately given three great weapons once wielded by heroes of legend and rapidly taught the basics.

Soon after, you’re also gifted the power of flight – it’s fairly straightforward, but it’s a lot to take in in a short space of time. To make matters worse, Zeus and Prometheus are doing their best attempts to narrate your epic tale, resulting in a spectacularly unfunny commentary on everything you do. Don’t worry though – it gets better, as we explain in our Immortals Fenyx Rising Switch review.

What we’re saying is, you should read our guide instead. I promise I won’t make any terrible jokes, so we’ve got that going for us, right? But in all seriousness, Immortals Fenyx Rising leaves quite a few things unexplained, including how to upgrade your stats, skills, and equipment, so we’re here to help you do just that. We’ll start with the very basics, and build up to upgrading your stats, so feel free to skip to whichever section you need.

Here’s what’s in our Immortals Fenyx Rising guide:

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The basics of fighting

Fighting is one of the most important parts of Immortals Fenyx Rising, as you won’t be able to get very far without it. While there is a sneaking mechanic (just click A), most enemies will still see you if you get too close.

As we mentioned earlier, Fenyx quickly happens upon three weapons and mastering them is vital to your success. Here’s how to wield each for the best chances of success:

Sword of Achilles

This is your basic weapon, which deals fast attacks. Before any upgrades, you’ll do 20 damage per hit with your sword, used by hitting the R button – the right bumper.

Every three consecutive hits will trigger a combo, which deals extra damage and refills a stamina chunk by 40%. Just mash the R button and try not to get hit – utilise your dodge with Y to ensure you stay out of harm’s way.

Axe of Atlanta

The Axe of Atlanta is a typical heavy weapon, used by pressing ZR. This does 32 damage per hit, and also starts filling your enemy’s stun gauge – when this is full, they’ll be knocked prone and be easier to take down. It’s attacks can also hit multiple targets with its large sweeping swings, but it’s a lot slower than the sword.

The axe also has a combo, after two consecutive hits. It works in much the same way as the sword combo.

One last thing about close-quarters combat is parrying. You unlock this a bit later in the game, but it works by pressing L and R at the same time to deflect an enemy’s attack. It will also stun them briefly and fill their stun gauge.

Fenyx fighting a griffin

Bow of Odysseus

Use your bow to hit enemies that are flying, or that you generally don’t want to get too close to. Press ZL to aim, and then click ZR to release a quick shot. You can also hold ZR to charge up a more powerful shot.

You can upgrade all weapons (more on that later) and find different variants of the sword, axe, and bow that will grant you various buffs and boons. Luckily, you can also customise the appearance of each without affecting the stats – so if you find an axe that grants you a large buff but it doesn’t suit your tastes, you can just mix and match the skin to the skill.

flying lessons

Flying is pretty intuitive. First of all, you need to climb something high. Luckily there are plenty of tall landmarks in the Golden Isles, so take your pick.

Then, jump by hitting B. When you’re in the air, press A to unfurl your wings and begin to glide. Use your left joystick to control your motion, and Zeus is your uncle. Not literally.

Flying uses up stamina at a fairly rapid pace, but don’t worry about running out because, if you’re on Normal difficulty or lower, your wings will let you down gently no matter how high up you are.

increase your health bar

Fenyx starts their epic journey with three measly health bars, but you can soon upgrade them to take more hits. In the meantime, make use of your Y button and keep dodging.

First, you need to unlock the Hall of the Gods, which is pretty much right after you finish the tutorial. Once you’re there, you have access to a plethora of upgrade systems, one of which is the Kylix of Athena.

Collect six portions of Ambrosia to upgrade your first extra health chunk, and then keep coming back to see how much you need to collect for the next chunk. You can upgrade your health 12 times, so we imagine it gets pretty expensive by the final chunks.

Fenyx eyes up a bolt of Zeus' lightning

increase your stamina

Increasing your stamina works in much the same way as your health – you just need a different currency, Zeus’ Lightning. You get your hands on a bolt of this every time you complete a dungeon – one of those mini red volcanos that send you through a portal to Tartaros – and for completing some other missions.

Take your bottled lightning to the Bench of Zeus, enjoy a workout montage, and another stamina chunk for your troubles.

How to unlock new skills

Unlocking new skills and Godly Powers also occurs at the Hall of the Gods. To unlock any skills you head to the River Styx Cistern and cough up a few Coins of Charon.

You find Coins of Charon in chests and by completing puzzles across the Golden Isles. You might have noticed giant lyres and jigsaw-like frescoes: these reward you with Coins of Charon, which in turn unlock new skills and Godly Powers.

We’ve got a full breakdown, as well as details of every skill and upgrade (and how much each will set you back), in our Immortals Fenyx Rising skills and Godly Powers guide.

upgrade your weapons and armour

Upgrading your weapons and armour also takes place at, you guessed it, the Hall of the Gods. You need Adamantine Shards of various colours to upgrade your sword, axe, and bow damage. You can also upgrade your armour, helmet, number of arrows, and number of potions you can hold with different coloured shards.

You obtain Adamantine Shards by killing creatures and enemies – so the more combat you engage in, the more you can upgrade your weapons. There are also large crystals of Adamantine spread across the Golden Isles, but they are few and far between.

Fenyx mixing a potion

How to craft potions

Like any RPG worth its salt, there is a crafting element to Immortals Fenyx Rising. You craft potions to restore health and stamina, and buff your attack and defence. Of course, you need different ingredients and potions for each, so keep collecting those Pomegranates, Blue Mushrooms, Olympian Figs, and Flower Nectar to keep stocked up.

You can find a full walkthrough of all the crafting possibilities – and all the upgrades for your potions – in our Immortals Fenyx Rising crafting guide.

There’s your complete guide to starting out on Fenyx’s saga. We’ll keep updating this with more as we see fit – so let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see. And be sure to check out the more exhaustive guides linked in some sections for complete breakdowns of costs, benefits, and upgrades.

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