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Indus Battle Royale beta opens promising new tech and a gameplay twist

The Indus Battle Royale beta is now live, and you can join in on all the fun as the new mobile game aims to revolutionize the genre.

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India’s lead gaming developer, SuperGaming, is back with its latest creation: Indus Battle Royale. Excitingly, the Indus Battle Royale beta is live exclusively on Android via Google Play. The game, which highlights Indian art and culture and blends it with gripping battle royale gameplay, has already secured over 8.5 million pre-registrations, signaling that a new gaming behemoth could be about to arrive and dominate the Indian mobile gaming landscape.

The beta version of Indus Battle Royale (which will be vying for a spot on our list of the best mobile games) invites you to explore Virlok, a dynamic map brimming with action and life, enabled by extensive community feedback and insights from the Indus Esports Invitational. With a lot to be proud of already, SuperGaming CEO Roby John celebrates the success so far, thanking test players and more for helping to build “India’s gaming revolution.”

That’s a bold claim, of course, but two factors support it: gameplay and accessibility. Unlike other battle royale games, Indus introduces a new and promising mechanic that could breathe new life into the genre: Cosmium. This game-defining feature, highlighted in the latest trailer, turns the battle royale genre on its head. Being the last player standing isn’t the only way to win, and you can also secure victory if you collect Cosmium – an item that appears on the map in the last minutes of a game. So, do you hunker down to survive or take a risk to get the Cosmium? It’s an innovative twist that’s already earned praise from top esports teams.

As for its accessibility, thanks to the custom-designed Indus Engine, the game runs smoothly even on some of the cheapest Android devices. That’s a big win for gaming inclusivity, meaning you don’t need one of the best gaming phones to join in on all the chaotic fun.

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So, if Indus Battle Royale sounds like your kind of game, getting into the beta is straightforward – grab a limited Indus Beta Key from the official site. Early birds snag exclusive cosmetic rewards with the key, which is more motivation to get into the beta while you can.

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