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Star Wars Hunters release date

Zynga has pushed back The Star Wars Hunters release date year after year, but we finally know when the PvP handheld game is launching.

Star Wars Hunters character Rieve lit in purple light in front of Pocket Tactics logo

The Star Wars Hunters release date has been under keen scrutiny for years now, following the game’s announcement in early 2021. Hunters was initially destined to hit handheld consoles in that same year, and then the year after, and then the year after that… Now, development seems to have settled, which means we can bring you all of the newest information on Star Wars Hunters including its latest release date, gameplay details, characters, and supporting platforms.

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When is the Star Wars Hunters release date?

Zynga has now confirmed that the Star Wars Hunters release date is June 4, 2024. You can play this new Star Wars game on Nintendo Switch and mobile, and pre-registration is open now on the game’s official website. Pre-registration rewards include:

  • Rise Your Fist emote
  • Amber Hunter
  • Amber Rifle
  • Bubo’s Blue Milk avatar
  • Ticket Invite avatar
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What is the Star Wars Hunters gameplay style?

In the same vein as Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch, Star Wars Hunters is a team-based PvP shooter where the player takes control of a character from damage, tank, and support classes. The player’s team battles against the opposing team to try and control the Arena on the planet Vespaara, which is where the game is set. These battles will take place on seven potential battlegrounds, which are a rotating selection of maps with different terrain and details. You can see a gameplay trailer to get a more detailed view of the upcoming battles you’ll be plunged into, below:

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Star Wars Hunters characters

You will be able to choose from a range of characters including a Wookie, Jawas, and a Jedi and Sith. These characters all fit within a class and have different skills, making them suited to different game styles depending on your personal preferences. Want to be a sneaky backstabber? You’re sorted. Or a vicious duelist? Yep. How about a towering tank who can take the punishment? Sure. See all the current Star Wars Hunters characters we know about below.

Star Wars Hunter tank characters

  • Charr
  • Grozz
  • Slingshot
  • Sentinel

Star Wars Hunters support characters

  • Sprocket
  • Skora
  • Zaina

Star Wars Hunters damage characters

  • Diago
  • Aran Tal
  • Imara Vex
  • Rieve
  • J-3DI
  • Utooni

Star Wars Hunters playable characters including Jedi droid, Sith, a Wookie, and bounty hunters

Which platforms will Star Wars Hunters be released on?

Star Wars Hunters will be available on Nintendo Switch as well as mobiles with an Android and iOS release currently planned by the publisher Zynga. The game will be free-to-play on its wide release, with players able to purchase cosmetic upgrades like unlocking new skins.

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