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Apple reportedly testing iOS 17 update to cool overheating issues

Apple is seemingly working on a semi-emergency iOS 17 update to remedy the issues many iPhone 15 Pro owners are experiencing with overheating devices.

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It looks like Apple is readying an iOS 17 update to remedy overheating issues with the iPhone 15 Pro. Despite releasing iOS 17.0.2 just last week, the tech giant is already preparing a further version, following multiple reports in the news and social media that the souped-up version of the iPhone 15 Pro is heating up to a degree where the device is almost too hot to handle.

As first reported by MacRumors, Apple is currently testing iOS 17.0.3 iPhone update internally, having blamed the overheating issue on the current software just a few days ago. The company also dispelled some rumors about other possible causes for the overheating, stating that neither the titanium frame of the device is not part of the issue and that a software update doesn’t mean limiting the performance of the smartphone.

There isn’t an official release date for the iOS 17.0.3 update, but we imagine the company is keen to get the new software out as soon as possible. It’s also worth saying that not all iPhone 15 Pro users have reported issues with overheating, but there’s more than enough to make it a problem that the company needs to address before any potential reputational damage.

While waiting for the software update, some companies are working alongside Apple to try and solve overheating issues associated with their applications. At the time of writing, both Uber and Instagram, two apps reportedly overloading the A17 Pro chip causing heat dissipation issues, have released patches to try and deal with the issue. We’re yet to see whether it solves the problem before the release of iOS 17.0.3.

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There you have it, the news that there’s a further iOS 17 update coming to try and make the iPhone 15 Pro less likely to feel like the surface of the sun. If you own one of the latest Apple devices and still need a snazzy case to keep it safe, check out our guides to the best iPhone 15 cases and the best iPhone 15 Pro cases.