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The best iPhone 15 cases 2024

Our guide to the best iPhone 15 cases has plenty of options for ways to keep your new Apple smartphone looking like it’s fresh out of the box.

Custom image for best iPhone 15 cases guide with multiple examples on screen including Otterbox and Casetify models

If you’re looking for the best iPhone 15 cases, you’re in luck. We’ve gone out in search of the best protection for your flagship Apple smartphone, with plenty of options to suit whatever your needs may be. As ever, we’ve also taken budget into account – with options starting from around $15/£12 and reaching all the way to $85/£85.

Check out the list below for our picks for the best iPhone 15 cases. If you’re still stuck with an outdated model that you don’t yet want to part with, keep it looking fresh with our guides to the best iPhone 13 cases and the best iPhone 14 cases.

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The best iPhone 15 Pro Max case retailers at a glance:

  • Skinnydip – Shop cute Disney designs
  • Casetify – MagSafe compatible and customizable
  • Otterbox – Clear cases to show off your phone

The best iPhone 15 cases today:

  1. Diaclara Designed for iPhone 15 – best budget iPhone 15 case.
  2. Tucch Wallet Case – best iPhone 15 wallet case.
  3. Casetify Bounce Case – best durable iPhone 15 case.
  4. Otterbox Symmetry Series – best MagSafe iPhone 15 case.
  5. ESR Kickstand Case – best iPhone 15 kickstand case.

Screenshot of the plain black Diaclara case for best iPhone 15 cases guide

1. Diaclara Designed for iPhone 15

The best budget iPhone 15 case.


  • 360 protection
  • Multiple designs


  • Feels slightly chunky in your hands
  • Large charging slot lets in dust and debris

For less than $20, there’s nothing on the market that offers the protection and range of designs like the Diaclara iPhone 15 case. You can choose from a range of colors for this model, including Coral Pink, Wave Blue, Crystal Green, and others, including the classic transparent look. This design also features extra cushioning technology on all four corners, making it even more drop and scratch-proof than some of the other more expensive alternatives.

Unlike some other budget cases, the Diaclara offers 360 protection, with the case easily clipping around your iPhone and just as easily removed when necessary. Unfortunately, this model isn’t MagSafe charging compatible, but considering the price point, it has all the other necessities for keeping your phone safe and secure without breaking the bank.

Screenshot of the Tucch Wallet Case for best iPhone 15 cases guide

2. Tucch Wallet Case

The best iPhone 15 wallet case.


  • RFID blocking technology
  • Multiple designs


  • No screen protection when the case is open
  • Slightly flimsy compared to some more expensive alternatives

If you’re the kind that likes to take the two-birds-one-stone approach by getting a wallet case, the Tucch wallet case is a favorite of mine, offering a quality build at a generous price point. The most important feature of a wallet case is, of course, RFID blocking technology, which keeps any cards you keep in the wallet section safe from street scammers. All Tucch cases have this technology as standard, so you can walk around confident someone isn’t using your card for nefarious purposes.

Unlike most wallet cases you find on Amazon, there are plenty of design options with this case, including Brown & Dark Blue, Purple, Midnight Green, and plenty more. However, the addition of the wallet section to this case means you’re sacrificing MagSafe charging and 360 protection. Still, you can at least solve the latter issue by adding a glass screen protector to your order.

Screenshot of the Casetify Bounce Case for best iPhone 15 cases guide

3. Casetify Bounce Case

The best durable iPhone 15 case.


  • 20+ feet of drop protection
  • Bounce Corner technology
  • MagSafe compatible
  • Multiple designs


  • Expensive

There are durable cases, and then there’s the Casetify Bounce Case, purpose-built to withstand anything even the clumsiest of users might throw at it. With a staggering drop protection rating of just over 20 feet, or six meters, supported by Casetify’s Bounce Corner technology, it might be a little pricier than other durable options, but you know that it’s going to take something monumental to break this case.

Better still, with Casetify’s almost endless selection of customizable options, you can still add a bit of your personality by designing your own version of the Casetify Bounce Case. This model is also Mag Safe compatible, making it one of the more deluxe options on this list, with all the features you could possibly need from an iPhone 15 case. The only downside is the price point, though, you at least can be sure it’s the last case you’re going to need for a long while.

Screenshot of the Otterbox case for best iPhone 15 cases guide

4. Otterbox Symmetry Series

The best MagSafe iPhone 15 case.


  • MagSafe compatible
  • Multiple designs
  • Otterbox warranty


  • Needs a glass screen for full protection
  • Slightly more expensive than some MagSafe alternatives

Otterbox is up there as one of the best brands when it comes to iPhone 15 cases, competing with Casetify to offer premium products that guarantee to keep your device scratch and dent-free. This option might be a little pricier than some of the MagSafe alternatives on Amazon, but for those extra few dollars, you get a product from a brand you know you can rely on, with a warranty to back you up in the unlikely scenario there are issues with your case.

Another reason to opt for Otterbox is the selection of designs. The Symmetry series includes nine different design options, from simple finishes like Bluetiful and Green Juice to the more elaborate Soft Sunset and Burnout Sky offerings. The only caveat with the Otterbox is that it’s a shell case, not a 360 covering, so you’re also going to need a glass protector screen to keep your display looking tip-top.

Screenshot of the ESR kickstand case for best iPhone 15 cases guide

5. ESR Kickstand Case

The best iPhone 15 kickstand case.


  • Sturdy kickstand
  • Cheap


  • Limited designs
  • Only one kickstand

At less than $30, the ESR kickstand phone case is easily the most ergonomic case in its price range, with the metal kickstand just one of the many fantastic elements of the design. This case also features powerful magnetic technology, capable of holding up to eight times the weight of your device, as well as shock-absorbing corners for military-grade protection.

Unlike some of the other options on this list, you are a bit limited in terms of choice of design when it comes to the ESR, with only clear casing or Light Tan designs available. However, if you’re not concerned with the design, there’s no better option for an iPhone 15 case with a kickstand at this price point.

How we choose the best iPhone 15 cases

The most important feature when deciding on which entries to include on our list of the best iPhone 15 cases is, of course, durability. After all, it doesn’t matter how visually appealing or how technologically advanced a piece of equipment is if it’s going to smash to pieces on a single drop. So, the first thing we do is make sure that each of the cases we put on this list is durable enough when it comes to drop-proofing.

Once we know if a phone case does the most important part of the job, we can get a bit more creative with how we pick examples. The brand name is important, so you often see trusted premium brands like Casetify and Otterbox on our lists of phone cases, with both companies establishing a reputation as some of the best in the business. However, we also love a bargain, so we’re always keeping an eye on Amazon listings for lesser-known brands with reliable and well-rated products.

For more on how we decide what makes it onto our buying guides, be sure to take a read through our how we test guide.

There you have it, our list of the best iPhone 15 cases you can pick up today. If the Apple flagship device doesn’t fill your gaming needs, be sure to also take a look at our guide to the best portable gaming consoles on the market.