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iPhone update 17.4 guide

Our guide to the latest iPhone update has all you need to level up your phone with the newest software while we highlight some of the fresh features.

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If you’re an Apple user, you can always benefit from checking out the latest iPhone update for your device. In this guide, we lay out the simple steps you need to follow to be confident that you’re using the latest version of iOS. Not only that, but we point out all the iOS 17.4 update features, so you can try out all the improvements as soon as you install the latest version on your device.

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How do I get the latest iPhone update?

You can the latest iOS iPhone update, version 17.4, providing it’s part of the iPhone XR range or a more recent model. Unfortunately, any model pre-dating the iPhone XR isn’t able to update to the latest software, so if you want the freshest iOS, you may need to get a newer device. You can see the full list of compatible devices on the Apple support site.

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If you have an iPhone capable of upgrading to the most recent software update, follow these simple steps to update your Apple device.

  1. Plug your iPhone into a charger (updates can take a long time and drain a significant amount of battery)
  2. Unlock your iPhone
  3. Head to the ‘settings’ menu
  4. Select the ‘general’ option
  5. Hit ‘download and install’ at the bottom of the screen

What’s new to iPhone update 17.4?

With the iOS 17.4 update mainly addressing Apple’s issues with EU law, the new version of the software didn’t introduce quite as many features as the iOS 17 update. Still, outside of new emojis, there are a few things of note that we’ve listed below.

Podcast transcripts

One of the big new features of iOS 17.4 is the introduction of podcast transcripts. No longer do you need to keep repeating the last 15 seconds to try and that quiet bit of dialogue, with your iPhone doing the hard work for you. It’s only a little thing, but it’s very useful if you want to quote your favorite podcaster.

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Battery health for iPhone 15

While this feature is exclusive to iPhone 15 users, it’s still a pretty useful one. You can now get more information on the battery health of your device, including when it was made and first used, to keep on top of when it might be time to get a replacement phone. It’s not the most exciting of inclusions, but it can be useful for those looking to pick up a pre-owned iPhone 15 in the future.

Game streaming apps

While most of the changes as part of the iOS 17.4 update are exclusive to Europe, this one is worldwide. Now, you can use apps like Xbox Cloud Gaming and others on your iPhone. It might not seem like it, but this is a pretty significant change in tact from Apple.

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