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Apple confirms the iPhone 15 battery life is better than we thought

The iPhone 15 battery life is better than Apple first thought, and iOS 17.4 is making it even easier to keep track of your count cycle.

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In the build-up to the release of iOS 17.4, Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 15 battery life is much better than first anticipated. It seems the Silicon Valley tech giant has continued to test the battery of its latest smartphones following their release, and the results are better than the company or we first thought.

Apple originally believed that, like previous devices, iPhone 15 models could retain 80% of their original capacity after 500 charges, but as it turns out, it’s more like 1,000. This news is courtesy of Apple itself, detailing the upgraded battery life via an official post, while also confirming the increase with 9to5Mac. It makes for interesting reading ahead of the release of the iPhone 16 later this year, which we hope can improve battery life even further.

Better still, with the upcoming release of iOS 17.4, iPhone 15 owners can soon see just how their battery is faring with a more detailed view in the battery health section of the settings menu. This updated function lets you see your cycle count – how many times you’ve used your battery’s full capacity – and offers more details than before, such as when Apple manufactured your battery and when you, or a previous owner, first used it.

Unfortunately, all of this good news is exclusive to iPhone 15 owners, with anything older than the 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max still rated at 80% battery capacity over 500 charges. However, according to the Apple source from 9to5Mac, the company is investigating the battery capacity of older models, so there may yet be more surprises in store for those who have an older iPhone.

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