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A new iPhone 16 colors rumor is circulating on social media

Rumor has it there are new colorways for the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max, but is this departure from traditional colors legit or speculation?

Screenshot of iPhones with the potential Desert Titanium and Titanium Gray colorways courtesy of Majin Bu's iPhone 16 colors rumor on X

There has been plenty of talk surrounding the potential lineup and specifications of iPhone 16 recently, but what about an iPhone 16 colors rumor? Yes, we’ve also now got one of them, giving us a better idea of what iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max colorways might be available at launch.

Serving as a significant departure from traditional colors for the iPhone 16, Desert Titanium and Titanium Gray are a blatant attempt by Apple to make these models stand out more than previous generations. Desert Titanium sees the gold tone of 2022’s iPhone 14 kicked up a notch to mirror the depth and warmth of desert sands (apparently), with Titanium Grey serving as a throwback to 2014’s iPhone 6.

According to the originator of the rumor, Majin Bu, both colors are still in the design phase, with engineers leaving the color names in the air. While one represents a change in Apple’s design philosophy, the other shows Apple’s stubbornness and reliability on the legacy of its brand, rather than doubling down on taking the risks that made it a tech giant in the first place.

With that being said, there are usually just four color options in every iPhone generation, leaving the iPhone 16 colors with those above alongside black and white. This could also mean Apple might leave out the Blue and Natural Titanium colors from the previous iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max with this year’s offering. Or, Apple might pull a Samsung and introduce some more colorways to its next series of flagship smartphones.

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A gold color option wasn’t present at all last year, which broke the tradition of years of being an option from iPhone 5s to iPhone 14 Pro. Is this a case of Apple shelving an idea for a year to increase consumer demand? Whilst Majin Bu’s record is mixed, it seems like the speaker has some solid sources regarding the 2024 lineup and iPhone 16 color leaks. Still, it’s best to take this with a pinch of salt, at least, until we get confirmation from Apple.

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