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New iPhone 16 lineup leak hints at merge with the SE series

The latest iPhone 16 lineup leak hints at merging SE and main series with odd pricing choices, leaving some Apple smartphone fans confused.

Image of supposed iPhone 16 lineup link with different phones in white courtesy of twitter leaker Majin Bu

iPhone 16 lineup leaks are on fire this month, with speculation for the next iPhone refresh in full swing. Apple core fans (sorry) who are hoping for a new series that offers more than tweaks of the previous year’s model have X (Twitter) leaker Majin Bu’s latest iPhone 16 lineup leak to dive into for now.

According to Majin Bu, Apple might merge its iPhone SE line with the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup. While having a budget iPhone 16 handset out in the wild is exciting, this iPhone 16 lineup leak has some confusing pricing, to say the least. Here’s the full tweet from Majin Bu:

“I came into possession of a table that appears to illustrate that the iPhone 16 lineup will merge with the SE lineup. Based on what is reported in this image, of which I have no information on the source, it seems that Apple is working on an iPhone 16 SE, a 16 Plus SE which could be positioned in the lower end of the market, from what has been described the devices seem to have the dynamic island and only one camera, the screen remains at 60hz and the battery will be reduced.”

“It also seems that in the central segment of the market the much more inviting iPhone 16 will be positioned with a 120hz screen, 2 cameras, and improved battery. Finally, as top of the range there could be the pro models with all the various top of the range features. I am quite skeptical about what I have reported, in fact I invite you seriously not to lose this information, however I would like to underline that there is actually an iPhone model being tested with a dynamic island, a style similar to the iPhone XR and colors similar to the iPhone 15. Previously I thought it was the new iPhone SE, however now I have some doubts about it. I repeat once again not to take this post too seriously, however I will investigate this new information.”

A new table of key details, also shared by Majin Bu, outlines a diversified lineup, starting with the iPhone 16 SE and iPhone 16 SE Plus, aiming to capture the lower end of the market. These models feature the dynamic island, a single camera setup, a 60Hz screen refresh rate, and smaller batteries. Moving up, the iPhone 16 is said to target the mid-range segment with a 120Hz display, dual cameras, and an enhanced battery life. At the pinnacle, the Pro models could continue to embody the high-end spectrum with triple camera arrays, maintaining the 120Hz refresh rate but with additional premium features.

Here is the translated table, thanks to Google Translate:

Model Size Camera Refresh rate Capacity Price
iPhone 16 SE 6.1-inch Single camera 60Hz 128GB $699 
iPhone 16 SE Plus 6.7-inch Single camera 60Hz 128GB $799
iPhone 16 6.3-inch Dual camera 120Hz 256GB $699
iPhone 16 Pro 6.3-inch Triple camera 120Hz 256GB $799
iPhone 16 Pro Max 6.7-inch Triple camera 120Hz 256GB $899

The iPhone 16 series might witness a design overhaul with under-display Face ID technology, potentially phasing out the notch and dynamic island in favor of a more streamlined look. However, based on previous leaks, Apple might linger behind the Android competition by holding off on under-display tech for the iPhone 17 in 2025.

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Much like the action button on the iPhone 15 Pro, the iPhone 16 series may introduce the capture button. Its dedicated feature for creating photo and video content is an excellent strategy when considering the iPhone 16 Pro models will feature the biggest screen on an iPhone to date. With rumors of enhanced optics in the lineup’s cameras, this will be one of the best mobile photography options. Even the 60hz iPhone 16 screens will benefit from this new strategy; most games struggle to hit 60 frames per second on the current base model.

With that, you’re up to date on the latest iPhone 16 lineup leak, though it’s best to take it with a grain of salt until we get confirmation from Apple. For more smartphones, check out our guides to the best Samsung phones and the best Google Pixel phones. Or, if you’re a flagship fan, see how we fared in our Samsung Galaxy S24 review.