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The iPhone 16 Pro Max is getting even bigger, rumor says

If last year’s Pro Max wasn’t Max enough, Apple has just what you need in 2024 according to this iPhone 16 Pro Max dummy model rumor.

Custom image for iPhone 16 Pro Max dummy model news with an iPhone 15 Pro Max on a purple background

Early rumors pointed towards the next Apple flagship smartphone increasing in size, boasting a 6.9-inch display, compared to just 6.7 inches on the 15 Pro Max. Now, new hands-on photos of an iPhone 16 Pro Max dummy model show us exactly what the difference will look like.

The news comes courtesy of YouTuber, Zone of Tech, who posted a series of photos on X (Twitter). The images aren’t accompanied by any explanation, they simply say “iPhone 16 Pro Max vs iPhone 15 Pro Max.”

The iPhone 16 Pro Max dummy model appears slightly taller, and marginally wider, but the thickness does not appear to have changed. You can also clearly see the new Capture button on the left-hand side of the frame, a new idea from Apple that we reported on last month.

Rumors say this new button is a capacitive touch sensor that might support swipe gestures. If it proves true, I can imagine using it for zooming or exposure control in the camera app. Either way, it’s an exciting prospect.

Image of the latest iPhone 16 Pro Max dummy model next to a 15 Pro Max (courtesy of ZONEofTECH)

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is already smaller than a lot of Android flagships, so this move isn’t too surprising, especially with a rumored Pixel 9 Pro XL on the horizon. It seems to be what consumers want, too. Compact flagships like the Asus ZenFone 10 got a lot of positive reviews but didn’t seem to sell that well, and we’re seeing brands slowly phase out smaller smartphones across the board.

Other iPhone 16 Pro Max rumors say we can expect a brighter display with micro-lens OLED technology, a new 3nm SoC, and a larger sensor on the camera system. All eyes are on Apple when it comes to AI integration, too.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll find out in September, and we’re expecting plenty more leaks in the meantime. While you’re here, check out our iPhone 15 Pro Max review, and keep your phone topped up with one of the best iPhone chargers.